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Find one or two proxies to use isn’t difficult, after all there’s always quite a few left open by mistake.   You can even buy proxies in small numbers without breaking the bank.  However for many people these simply don’t work for a variety of reasons.  The main problems are that first they’re overloaded so will time out whenever you need them, for people running extensive search queries or some automated application this can be extremely costly.  Secondly they’re often badly configured and get banned or blocked very quickly from most popular sites.

Rotating Proxies Trial

Indeed if  you’re searching for proxies then it’s likely you’ll need a lot of them.  One or two are pretty much pointless if you’re harvesting data, running a bot to post multiple adverts or social media posts and repeated requests through these proxies will often put valuable accounts in jeopardy too.   If you’re running a tool which posts adverts on regional Craigslist boards, you need a wide variety of proxies with different IP addresses which you can switch quickly.

In reality it’s not the proxy that’s the issue, it’s the IP address – it’s these which disguise your access and allow multiple requests to be filtered through automated bots and applications. However switching between different proxies just to change IP address is hugely expensive in both time and money but fortunately there’s an alternative.

Switching Identities with a Rotating Proxies Trial

There are proxy harvesting tools that can pick up lots of proxies but in reality the ones they find are mostly useless. If you want to run any sort of automated tool, bot or research software you’ll need loads of fast responsive proxies with different IP addresses. The problem is that after a couple of connections or queries, most web sites will start blocking or restricting a specific IP address in order to block this sort of access. As soon as this happens that IP address is completely useless as it will be barred from access. Then basically the application will cease to work whether it’s returning search results, posting or trying to buy the latest sneakers (see this post on sneaker proxies).

Fortunately there is a solution which allows access to hundreds of IP addresses without having to invest in loads of expensive private, dedicated proxies. The solution is to use something called backconnect rotating proxies which can support thousands of requests without needing all this expensive hardware.  These are extremely effective and are the equivalent of having a huge network of private residential proxies something that would normally costs thousands a month.

These work in a similar way to a normal proxy indeed you can access them in exactly the same method. The backconnect proxy isn’t a single server that sits forwarding and receiving data, it actually consists of a multitude of different configurations, Ip addresses and proxies all linked together. It’s effectively a single gateway giving access to a whole network of machines with different IP addresses and configurations. None of the individual proxies are used extensively but the gateway merely rotates between them every few minutes (determined by the administrator).

This virtually eliminates any footprint and ensures that none of the proxies are blocked or filtered.   It also makes configuring the application or bots much easier too, instead of having to program an API to switch proxies the backconnect proxy does this automatically.  All you need to do is to point the application at a single backconnect rotating proxy which will switch IP addresses at a defined interval.

There are different types of these backconnect proxies which typically depend on the pool of IP addresses that they access.  For example by far the most useful are those that have residential IP addresses, these offer the lowest footprint and will not be blocked by any websites.   The cheaper alternative are those with commercial addresses because these are much easier to obtain but unfortunately are automatically blocked by many websites designed for home users.

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