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Cheap Instagram 4G Mobile Proxies

Many marketers and entrepreneurs  have a love-hate relationship with Instagram.  Most know that if you have the right products and services it’s a brilliant platform to sell on.   Sure they’re are difficulties like not being able to add a link easily, although shoppable posts have made that a lot easier.   Yet there are millions of user many of whom are happy to click on business profiles links too and the right products are much easier to sell than on Facebook and Twitter (well in my experience anyway).  There are estimates that over 80% of users are already following these business enabled accounts already.

4G Mobile Proxies for Instagram

The difficulty is for those slightly shady characters like me who don’t want to play the legitimate single account game.  Over the years like many marketers, I have found that if  you try and sell or promote via platforms like Instagram, there’s a tendency for your accounts to suddenly disappear!  Often this is without warning based on some vague paragraph in their terms and conditions. Now there are two approaches you  can take to this, try and be completely 100% whiter than white or to have loads of accounts which you can use to promote on.

I like many thousands of others choose the second route.  So I promote a selection of accounts equally which means I don’t risk losing everything on the whim of a Instagram employee having a bad day.  Now Instagram also doesn’t like multiple accounts either, so if you go over five active accounts then you need to be careful and hide your connection to these.   Which of course means hiding your IP information using some sort of proxy or VPN.

This is the subject of this post, using proxies used to be quite straight forward on Instagram.  It’s now becoming more complicated than ever!

What Sort of Proxies Are Best for Instagram?

Initially it really didn’t matter, as long as you picked a proxy that was properly configured pretty much anything would do. You could even apparently use free proxies, although I’ve never tried these as I really don’t trust them.

I initially just used my VPN service which I have subscribed to for years to watch the BBC when travelling. It’s called Identity Cloaker and has a neat facility to rotate your IP address at a specified interval automatically. This was perfect as I could just set it to switch randomly every few minutes so that a different IP address was used with each account.

There were also hundreds of reasonably priced proxy services too which offered loads of addresses. All you needed to do was to sign up with one and pay them a few bucks a month and you’d have all the IP addresses you needed. If you were using a tool like Jarvee (something that you definitely should if you serious about Instagram) then you could load it up with a bunch of IP addresses to use automatically too.

However this didn’t last long as unfortunately like 99% of VPN programs, Identity Cloaker uses IP address ranges registered by datacentres. This is fine for most purposes but Instagram started locking down on these and started flagging commercial address ranges for special scrutiny!

So commercial and Datacentre IP addresses started to become useless for managing multiple Instagram accounts. You could still use them but you where much more likely to get blocked or monitored if you used them. The next step was to use residential addresses which still work today but are more expensive and slowly are becoming subject to similar restrictions.

Although the majority of marketers are still coping with standard proxies and those with residential IP address ranges – there’s another option.  It’s something that is relatively new in proxy technology although technically they have been feasible for many years – assigning addresses which are assigned to mobile gateways.

Using 4G Mobile Proxies for Instagram

So are they necessary, should I switch from my datacenter proxies, not use proxies at all?

There’s no doubt that using 4G mobile proxies for Instagram is the most authentic way to avoid any security infractions.  Simply because it’s the most accurate way to mimic an ‘average Instagram’ user’s behavior.

Currently in 2020, the safest and most reliable way to manage and promote multiple Instagram accounts is to use proxies with mobile IPs.  These are commonly referred to as mobile proxies or mobile 4g proxies  and when you use them your connection looks exactly like it’s coming from a smart phone or mobile device.

The further advantage of using these servers is that the IP addresses used are highly anonymous and very difficult to track.  Mobile devices by their very nature switch locations and addresses very regularly meaning that you can’t associate them with specific connections.  Social media platforms simply can’t block these IP ranges as they would potentially be blocking hundreds of thousands future users too.

There’s no doubt that mobile IP Proxies are the safest option for any online marketing/anonymity/research currently.

They are of course harder to set up than standard datacentre proxies both technically and logistically.  However it can be done and more and more are appearing.  From my tests mobile proxies actually seem to work out cheaper.  Forget about one IP to one account, those ratios don’t apply to mobile IPs.  Currently it seems that a 15-1 ratio is perfectly ok as long as you operate the rest of your Instagram management sensibly too.

So a suggestion for a provider? I’ve tried a few 4G Mobile Proxies for Instagram but I’m definitely not an expert yet in this field.  So far I’ve generally not had that much success, apart from one provider.  It’s the same provider I currently use residential proxies for Instagram unfortunately the premium provider but to be honest the only ones that work consistently.

Yes it’s Bright Data (Prviously Luminati)! Try them for 4g/lte proxies, there’s a short trial you can use to test.

   4g / lte mobile proxies

These are working well for me, and are the best 4g proxies for Instagram I have found anywhere.

Don’t worry about their ‘approval process’ there’s absolutely no issue using these proxies for any sort of Instagram marketing and most other common internet marketing activities.  People use them for e-commerce, tickets, sneaker buying as well as running multiple social media accounts.  You may not need mobile residential proxies but it’s a great way to mix things up as you can switch pretty easily using the Luminati interface.  If your accounts are valuable then Bright Data is by far the safest option.

A 4G mobile proxy for Instagram in English enables secure and anonymous browsing by routing your internet traffic through a mobile network. It offers uninterrupted connection speeds, bypasses IP restrictions, and ensures optimum performance on Instagram. This proxy is ideal for managing multiple accounts or accessing geo-restricted content.


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