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What’s the Best AI Article Writer : Producing Quality Content Using Artificial Intelligence

What Is Artificial Intelligence or AI Writing Software?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a process by which computers can make decisions and take actions based on data, as opposed to following pre-programmed instructions. Although experts will often argue over the definition of what constitutes real AI, there’s no doubt we’re getting much closer. For a long time these concepts have only been really evident in science fiction and the movies. However in recent years artificial intelligence is slowly becoming a reality. This has led to the development of AI writing software, which allows computers to write articles based on data input.

In general, AI writing software refers to a variety of tools that use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in order to automate the process of creating written human quality content. This can be anything from blog posts and articles, to social media updates, product descriptions, or even website copy. In fact anything which involves written text can be created using these tools.

What’s more AI-based writing tools can help you with a wide range of tasks, performing all sorts of assistant roles. For instance, these tools can help you with grammar and synonyms, as well as with context, sentence-style and structure. Every year, more and more of these AI article wiring tools appears and they’re getting more and more sophisticated.

Some popular AI copywriting software applications are,,,, .

The best AI article writer is one that can take your content and make it compelling, fresh, engaging and informative. Search engines are more often than not programmed to favour good content. If you have an article that is interesting, informative and shares compelling information with your audience then it will rank

Different Types of AI Writers for Articles

AI writers or digital content creators that use artificial intelligence are a growing trend. They can be used to generate text for a variety of purposes, including website content, blog posts, product descriptions, and more. There are a number of different types of AI writers available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to choose the right AI writer for your needs to ensure the best results.

There are different types of AI writers that can be used depending on the need. It’s becoming an increasingly confusing market as all the market leaders continually develop their applications. Almost all the major players are adding new features almost continually, certainly most tools have changed drastically even over the last twelve months. The main AI writing tools I use are almost unrecognizable from the beginning of 2021.

First let’s have a go at classifying all the different types of AI Article Writing programs –

Article Spinners/Rewriters

AI writers are a type of digital content creator that uses artificial intelligence to generate text. There are a few different types of AI writers. The first and most common is the article spinner or rewriter. This tool promises to create content that is better than what’s currently posted online, saving you time and research efforts. However, this type of AI writer often produces low-quality content.

They have been around for many, many years and have generally promised much and delivered very little. Basically they take a body of existing text and changed/rotated that text by paraphrasing or replacing synonyms to create new unique text. The primary function is create something unique for publishing online. The reality is that the content generated was plagiarized and often was very difficult to read.

People have been using article spinning for many years, including myself. However the reality is that the content produced is very evidently machine generated and importantly people can often have difficulty reading it. There’s no doubt though if you want to produce large volumes of low quality content at a very low cost then article spinning or rewriting does work.

Here’s some of the most popular spinners available at the beginning of 2022.

  • Spin Rewriter
  • The Best Spinner
  • WordAI
  • Spinner Chief
  • Chimp Rewriter

Most of these have been around for years and the quality has improved markedly over this time. There’s no doubt though that even the best ones (and expensive) like WordAI produce content which looks machine generated. Most successful marketers and content creators I know no longer use these tools at all. The ones who do tend to only use them on supporting blogs and websites such as PBN (Private Blog Networks) in order to support their primary sites.  Combine a tool like this with some sort of proxy with US IPs for instance and you can generate a lot of backlinks, quickly.

A good article spinner can produce hundreds of articles from a single source of text. It won’t be Pullitzer prize winning stuff but often that won’t matter. One of the huge problems for these programs in 2022 though is that getting content indexed in Google particularly is getting more and more difficult. Most people have experienced in the last year or so much slower indexing of their content by all the search engines. Perhaps more worrying is some content is not being indexed at all which makes it completely worthless if you’re relying on organic traffic. Low quality content is obviously going to really struggle in this environment even if it’s just for links.

AI Writing Assistants

Writing content is extremely time consuming and can be extremely difficult. However some people find that it does come quite easily most of the time, especially when they’re writing about a subject they have a real interest. There’s also a large section of online writers who don’t trust any sort of machine generated content and would never use them on their sites.

There is a growing branch of software which doesn’t purport to produce content just helps the author write their own. The most famous and popular of these is called Grammarly. So what does it do?

Grammarly’s advanced algorithms pick up on potential writing errors and point out suggestions for how to avoid any grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, wordiness and misuse of sentences or words.

There’s no doubt it’s a slick product and millions of people use it every day. Indeed Grammarly is used extensively in all sorts of environments outside the world of online content creators. Many professional people I know use it routinely to check emails, reports or documents they produce in office environments.

Latest Generation of AI Writer Tools Using GPT3

So here we are in 2022, with a whole new generation of Ai content generators which work in a whole different way. My first experience with this new technology was probably from this article in the Guardian in the Summer of 2020. Here the journalist asked GPT 3 to write an entire article and then published it in the paper – you can read it here – A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human? | GPT-3 | The Guardian

For someone who’d been playing around with the AI writing assistants and article spinners for many years this complete blew me away. This was the first time I’d looked at a piece of text and couldn’t really tell that it was generated by a machine. The technology behind it is the key and it’s called GPT3.

GPT-3 is a cutting-edge machine learning language model that predicts human language using deep learning techniques.

The technology was developed by a company called Open AI and it’s completely transformed the AI writing market (and quite a few more too). they have licensed an API to utilize GPT3 and it’s being used to power the majority of the best AI article writing tools in 2022.

List of Popular AI Writers 2022

The purpose of this article is not to review the many AI writers on the market. Instead I’m going to recommend the one that has worked for me. There’s plenty of web sites which post thousands of these reviews, all usually all with 4 and 5 star ratings! I’ve used many to help with writing (mainly about proxies) but settled on one called Outranking which just works for me, however it won’t be perfect for everyone – here’s a few others which you can look at.

  • Ink
  • Jasper AI
  • Writesonic
  • Copy AI
  • Frase AI

Let an AI Content Generator do all the hard work

An AI content generator is a machine learning algorithm that can write content for you. The algorithm can be trained to write copy for any type of content including blog posts, product descriptions, press releases, white papers, and even email marketing.

On the whole, AI content generators are able to provide high quality and engaging content. In addition, they offer a unique perspective that is beneficial for businesses. Using AI content generators can save time and money while still providing excellent results.

Can the Search Engines Spot AI Writing ?

Artificial intelligence has made its way into content writing. There are now a number of AI-based content generators that can be used to create content for websites and search engines. These tools use natural language processing technology to create content that is both accurate and readable. They are available in multiple languages, so you can find one that fits your needs.

Of course, if you’re creating content online then arguably one of the most important factors is – ‘can the search engines spot AI written content?’. This is something that worries a lot of people, about AI SEO, you can see the question asked frequently in forums and social media sites. So is it a valid concern? It’s difficult to say for sure, but there is a better way of approaching this issue and that’s by looking at quality guidelines.

Looking at the history of Google penalizing duplicate content, spun content, and auto-generated content, it should not be a surprise if Google alters its algorithm to filter out user-generated content. However how can it do this? The real issue Google and co will have is how to detect this content especially if a human being cannot tell the difference. This is why GPT3 is so important because it introduces true AI into the composition and removes all the signs and patterns that previous tools will have. A rewriter produces text based on a source file is much simpler to identify.

What Google can do is look for patterns, grammatical errors or if a piece of text doesn’t flow properly. These can easily be removed from the index on the basis of quality, in some ways it’s irrelevant whether it’s been written by AI software. The best AI article writing tools produce text without these issues, although most still need a little guidance to avoid making mistakes.

Are AI Writing Tools Expensive?

The subscriptions to most of the decent AI writing tools are not particularly cheap. The issue many of them have is that they use OpenAI’s GPT 3 API and have to pay for every word generated. If you use an AI article writer to generate lots of options to choose or lots of articles then they will incur significant costs. It’s also why most of these companies have very limited free trials – as there’s a cost for every word generated.

Certainly most of the GPT3 based tools have quite significant subscriptions in order to cover these costs. However you should compare the alternative costs in order to assess whether it’s value for money. First of all – you don’t need to hire an expensive content writer when you can use AI writing tools. These tools can help you generate articles quickly and easily. You can also generate as many articles as you want, so you never have to worry about running out of content..

I’ve produced most of my own content over the years but have employed writers quite a lot too. The problem is that unless you pay a decent amount of money then articles can be very poor quality then you spend a lot of time editing and checking too. If you have any number of web or social media sites then producing content is by far the biggest costs in either time or money (or both), apart from buying IPs for your proxies of course.

Basically they’re not cheap but the best ones are like having a dedicated assistant able to generate content for you. There is still something of a learning curve though and it does take time and effort to learn how to utilize then properly.

Best AI writer of 2023

So obviously the main point of this article is to give you my recommendation on the best AI article writer on the market currently. I’ve been waiting for these tools for nearly two decades since I tried my first very awful spin rewriter in 2003 so I was always going to try them thoroughly.

However it’s now I can definitely recommend Outranking as my favorite AI writer for a variety of reasons which I’ll attempt to explain below. Initially I thought I’d settled on a program called Conversion.AI (then rebranded to Jarvis, and after to Jasper after Disney complained!). There’s no doubt that Jarvis is a very polished product which might suit a lot of writers very well.

AI Writers are Awful with Facts, Figures and Dates

Jasper is a perfect example, it’s certainly powerful but it is too reliant solely on GPT3 for all it’s information and so much of the content is stuffed full of incorrect facts. If you’re writing fiction mainly this wouldn’t be an issue so you should certainly check this out.

Official the Best AI Article Writer

For the rest of us who produce content based on the real world, this is a common problem with AI tools. The GPT3 extracts most of it’s facts from a 48TB dataset trawled from the internet in 2019. It’s a lot of data obviously but also slightly out of date (GPT3 doesn’t do current affairs) and there’s a lot of incorrect facts contained in it.

Outranking combines the GPT3 dataset with it’s own analysis of the current SERPS based on the keywords you select. Obviously there can still be errors as the data is still from the internet but it’s much, much more accurate. What’s more you can build or add the correct data if you think Outranking is going in the wrong direction. Basically you can upload authoritative text for Outranking to use as a reference.

Built in AI Wizard – Defeat the Blank Page

One of the most important reasons that many of us use AI Article writers is because of that dreaded blank page. It’s a situation familiar to authors down the centuries and happens today with content creators of all sorts online. When you know you need to write but you can’t even get started is a very frustrating situation. Outranking has to a large extent solved this issue by creating an AI wizard to get you started.

All you need to do is feed in a keyword or two and then start the wizard. Here’s the first screen which should give you some idea –

Ai Software Generator Tool

Basically there are three stages to the wizard –

  1. Create the Page’s Title (Optimized based on your keyword)
  2. Create the Page’s Meta Description
  3. Create Sections and Outlines for Article

the whole process takes a few minutes and at the end of it you’ll have the basic structure of your article, few points and text under each heading. You can then use the AI writer to populate all or some of the rest of the documents using a feature called concept builder.

This involves Outranking suggesting key points under each heading (H2 or H3). All the user has to do is select the best points and tell Outranking to summarize the content – producing paragraphs in your finished document. the quality of this text is superb and I rarely have to make even a single edit to the text.

A few more minutes and you can have populated the rest of the document and you can move to the Optimize phase.

Optimize Article Ranking with AI Writer Unblocked

A couple of AI writers have this functionality, check out Frase if you want a comparison. However none of them have an Optimization module as sophisticated as Outranking.

One of the market leaders in this area is a program called Surfer SEO which I used for about 12 months. There’s no doubt that this is a sophisticated program and it’s very easy to use and looks very pretty. However my results with Surfer SEO are completely blown away by Outranking.

Virtually every single page I rank and Optimize with Outranking appears high up in the search engines. When I send a page to be indexed by Google I’m almost certain it will end up in the top twenty at least. The caveat here, is that I do keyword research first and select keywords that my site has a chance of ranking.

Article ranking screen Software

It’s quite a simple concept, each important ranking factor is given a score. Then you can use the Optimization AI to improve that score wherever it’s required. What’s more you can use the AI writing to generate any text or headings you might be missing based on ranking factors that will improve your page. For example you may find that Outranking suggests that you need more NLP words in your titles or headings, the AI writer can generate these for you.

Definitely not as simple as something like Surfer SEO for optimization but in my experience it works much better. You can see in the example picture above that Outranking suggests you need more feature snippets (which it can write for you). Also my article is missing come content depth, again headings and text can be written automatically for you to improve this score.

Outranking is the Best AI Article Writing Tool

As mentioned I’m not going to list all the AI based Article writers I’ve used here to try and persuade you buy one. I’ve used most of the market leaders and Outranking is the one I’m personally sticking with. It’s got a little bit of a learning curve but that’s getting easier with each update the developers release. I think they realize this is probably Outranking’s main issue and are addressing it.

It’s not difficult though when you sit down with it and the amount of features in the program are incredible, I really haven’t touched on the power of this application here. These are my key points in why I think Outranking leads the pack in the current batch of AI writing software –

  • Optimization Module works – your pages will rank if you use this properly.
  • AI text generation is the best by far especially when covering facts, figures and technical details.
  • Pricing Model is very fair based on usage not expensive subscriptions.
  • Support is superb, recommend using the chat feature or their Facebook page.
  • Development are very active and progressive
  • Outranking is focussed on using AI to produce content that ranks/makes money !