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Instagram IP Ban and Blocked Addresses

Like most websites, the moment you connect to Instagram it takes a note of your IP address. Whatever you do online, generally it’s this address which is tracked first. The reason is because it’s as close as you can get to a unique digital identifier online and the majority of large websites track it’s use extremely carefully.

Banning an IP Address

Each time any device connects to the internet, an IP address is assigned. It doesn’t matter if it’s a computer, laptop, mobile phone or an internet enabled smart fridge – everything must have one of these network addresses. Each IP address is unique and can be tracked back to the location it’s being used from. If you want to log or track what’s someone is doing online, then the IP address is by far the most important piece of information.

Instagram IP Ban

Which is why so many sites will use IP addresses to restrict access to their sites. It’s by far the easiest option and although it’s not a fool proof option in most cases banning an IP address is a very effective method for deterring unwelcome guests and behavior. What’s more it can be controlled and focused to a very specific level blocking individuals while leaving everyone else unaffected.

Instagram IP Block

For example, this might be a common situation where an IP address is banned –

    • User accesses website.
    • Website records IP address of user and logs next to their account.
    • User attempts to buy something with stolen credit card.
    • User account is deleted
    • IP address associated with that account is banned.

You could stop at deleting the account but then it would be trivial task to simply create a new one and try again. Blocking the IP address means that any connection to the site is refused from that address irrespective of the account being used. If an IP address you’re connecting from is banned, you’ll typically not be able to access the site at all. Most large sites will block IP addresses, but some are particularly aggressive with Instagram banning accounts and IP addresses by the thousands.

Avoiding/Circumventing an Instagram IP Ban

Of course, this is an extreme example, and we can hardly blame the website for banning cyber criminals stealing stuff. However, IP Bans are used by all sorts of platforms in much more trivial situations. On social media platforms, many people will be banned by this method for being over promotional, posting links, running multiple accounts – just basically marketing to an audience.

Account Bans are Common on Instagram

It’s actually surprisingly easy to get banned especially by some social media platforms like Instagram. You might be running a few Instagram accounts to promote your business and make money online. If you do this through the same IP address, then you’re likely to get blocked or filtered and even banned. Any sort of behavior which might be perfectly reasonable could be classified as against their Terms of Service and could be trigger a ban too.

Instagram IP Proxies

Also using a banned IP address can have a negative effect on the account too whether it’s related to you or not.

There are many stories of people losing accounts with huge followings right across the social networks for the exact same reason. Of course, if you use a single account and only post ordinary stuff to any of these platforms you should be fine. However, if you stray onto the promotional side even slightly then the risk of banning grows much higher.

Which is why many people go to great lengths to take control of their IP addresses to ensure that they avoid these bans. Indeed, if you’re using any sort of promotional technique on any social media platform it’s worth taking action too.  How much is your account worth to you?

Mitigating Promotional or Marketing Risks

Many people make money out of Instagram. Technically you’re only supposed to have a single personal account but of course lots of people make huge amounts of money using this platform. There are all sorts of ways to develop or grow existing businesses using the Instagram platform but many of them can potentially be blocked by a minor infringement. For example, if you’re using Instagram to promote or sell products it’s much safer to run multiple accounts.

Running Multiple Instagram Accounts

This is definitely the safest option if you’re doing any sort of marketing on Instagram. Yet you’re not technically allowed to do this. Putting all your efforts into building a single Instagram account is extremely risk if you’re using Instagram to do any marketing for example. Spreading the risk across multiple accounts is much safer and reduces the risk of any single account being blocked or even removed.

Yet if you run multiple accounts using the same originating IP address then this will be easily detected. Especially if you use artificial method to boost and fast track these accounts. Bot accounts are great at automating likes and boosting followers, but these too need to be spread across different IP addresses.

Scraping Instagram Content

There’s a huge amount of amazing material on Instagram, enough to power thousands of websites with incredible content. It’s not surprising that so many sites try and scrape content from the platform.

Web scrapers though are usually easy targets for Instagram’s detection systems. The mistake most make is not hiding their tracks and using single or poor-quality proxies to swap IP addresses.

Targeting Local Audiences

Setting up local Instagram accounts for businesses is a great way to grow them. It’s also a great way for the budding internet entrepreneur to expand their marketing businesses too. Yet again though IP restrictions can be an issue, especially as Instagram utilizes very advanced geo-detection systems too.

To enable and market to specific local audiences you’ll need an IP address in that region. Don’t try using your local IP address to market to another geographical area, it won’t work and you can get your accounts banned.  If you have an IP Instagram ban, you’ll need to switch and stop using that IP address for a period of time.  This is why you shouldn’t use your own home IP address.

You Can’t Change Your IP Address Easily, but you Can Hide it!

It’s important to remember that unless you have control of an ISP or a large networking company, then changing your IP address is not usually an option. Most home IP addresses are relatively ‘sticky’ and will stay the same for months on end. You are assigned your internet IP address automatically, there’s no way of changing it yourself without the cooperation of the ISP. Although you could consider this article – Does your IP address change when you move locations.

What you can do is use something called a proxy server which will act as an intermediary between you and the website that you’re visiting. The proxy sits and forwards all requests to and from the website, you don’t have a direct connection and so your IP address and identity is hidden. The website instead sees the address of the proxy server instead which is why so many people use them to watch blocked TV sites online.

Instagram Blocked my IP Address – How to Unblock my IP address from Instagram?

Even if your real IP address is banned, this won’t stop you using the website as it only sees the proxy address, what’s more these proxies can be configured with lots of different IP address from all over the world, which can be rotated automatically. If you’re doing a lot of work online and do need multiple accounts/IP addresses, then there are specialist firms like this one – IPBurger who can provide you with a single proxy address which you can configure to switch addresses when needed. These can allow you to control and operate multiple accounts without problem, just switching IP addresses as required.

There’s little point actually trying to get your real IP address unblocked unless you have a 100% genuine grievance. In all other instances it’s only going to raise the profile of your account and make it monitored even more.

What is a Unblock Instagram Proxy ?

Nothing very complicated, simply a proxy server which uses a trusted IP address.  Free ones won’t work unfortunately as their IP addresses have always been spammed and abused.  This means that they’re always blacklisted and your Instagram account will follow if you use them.  The proxy needs ideally a residential IP address located in the same country as your account was created in.

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