Best IP Changer for PC in 2024: How to Change IP Address on Windows, Mac and Devices

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So What’s the Best IP Changer for PC: Change Your IP Address At Will

The best IP changer for PC is our personal favorite VPN, NordVPN. It provides a huge amount of features and the ultimate protection to have you surfing anonymously from any location in the world.

What is an IP Address?

An IP Address is a unique identifier assigned to devices that are connected to the internet. This number is used to route data to and from the device. It enables devices to communicate with one another and assists in identifying each device on the Network. Every number in an IP address can range from 0 to 255 and is separated by periods.

For traffic to be routed correctly, every device on a network must have a unique IP address assigned. The ‘network’ can vary from a small home network of a few computers linked together to the ultimate global network – the Internet. As you can see the scale varies hugely and yet the technology doesn’t really change. However there’s obviously some implications to this different in scale with regards to IP addresses which can largely be explained between two different types – public and local IP address ranges.

We’ll briefly explain this difference in the following section.

Public vs Local IP Explained

If you’re looking for the best IP changer it’s vitally important to understand which IP address your changing. If you’re sitting at home or in the office then it’s highly likely that you actually have two different IP addresses. Understanding the difference between these two addresses is vital to using IP changing software.

Public/Internet Facing IP Addresses

Public IP Addresses are those that are made available to anyone on the internet. They can be used by companies, institutions, and individuals who want their website or service to be accessible to as many people as possible. As such because the requirement of each IP address to be unique on each specific network (i.e. the internet) every address must be registered with a central authorities. This is to ensure that there is no duplicity – not an easy task on a network with literally billions of nodes.

software to change IP

A public IP address can potentially be accessed by anyone who has a computer connected to the internet. Obviously that doesn’t mean that anyone can use your computer but it does mean that it’s visible online and can potentially be tracked to your precise location. The public IP address is your digital identity, there’s only one of them and it’s linked to your device and everything you do online.

The public IP address is the one most people want to change, hide or disguise as it’s the IP address that ‘matters’ online. If you’ve ever read or story or watched a movie where – ‘their IP address has been traced’ – it’s the public IP address that is being referred to every time.

Private/Local IP Address

A private IP address is only accessible within a single local network.

So technically a local IP address is not really any different than a public one. It’s still a unique number that identifies a computer on the network. The main difference is the network that is being referred to. Instead of the ‘internet’ – a private IP address is on a private or local network. Examples of this could be your home network of a couple of computers, the network in a hotel, a company network spread across the office. Private networks vary greatly in size and scope and the IP addresses are ‘unique’ but only on these network.

These addresses don’t affect anyone outside the private network so technically you can use any valid IP address. Any device though will not be able to access the internet without a second address – i.e. a public IP address. An IP address can be used to track the location of a computer or to identify which websites a user has visited.

Why Change Your IP Address? 4 Reasons

Changing your IP address is an important step in securing your online presence. Your public IP address is essentially your digital identity and while there are many reasons to change it, the most common reasons are probably those listed below.

  • To protect your privacy
  • Changing Locations
  • Avoiding Bans and Blocks
  • Troubleshooting

Security & Privacy

People often use tools to hide and change their IP addresses in order to maintain their online privacy and security. the simple fact is that your IP address is the single most identifying piece of information for people online. At any given point in time, any IP can be tracked to the exact device and location assigned to it. So any action online can be linked to the exact computer, phone or tablet using the IP address.

So who’s likely to want to track you ? Well it can literally be anyone from commercial and marketing trackers all the way to government surveillance. What won’t change is the focus – your IP address is the key to tracking anyone.

Changing Locations

This is perhaps one of the most confusing aspects of using software to change your IP address but perhaps the most used. So how can changing your network address change your physical location? Well of course it can’t but it can change the appearance of your physical location.

This is because almost every website you visit will determine your location based on your IP address and where it’s registered. It’s why you’ll get the version of Netflix, Amazon, Google and so on that matches where you are. It’s also used to block , filter and restrict access and even change the cost of goods in e-commerce stores too. The technology is called geo-targeting/geo-location and it involves determining your location based on your IP address.

You normally can’t do much about this, as you cannot easily permanently change your IP address or it’s location. However using the software which does change the appearance of your IP address you can take control of this process. You can switch your location to bypass blocks and filters by pretending to be in a different location.

Here’s a few more situations where people need IP changing software for their PC.

  • Change your IP address to get around Geo-Restrictions
  • Change your IP address to access websites and services that would otherwise be inaccessible
  • Changing your IP address can help circumvent censorship
  • To improve your website’s performance
  • To protect against malicious attacks
  • To reduce spam and abuse
  • To increase security

Avoiding Bans & Blocks

For a global network that is supposed to offer unfettered global communication there’s an awful lot of blocks and bans being created on the internet. From single users kicked out of forums, to whole nations blocked from websites deemed unsuitable and lots more in between. Probably even more blocks are instigated for commercial and profit related motives than ideological ones too.

The one thing in common with the majority of internet based blocks and bans is how they’re implemented. This is usually done by using IP addresses or more commonly IP address ranges. Creating these IP blacklists is the simplest way to block individual users or massive groups of people.

Possessing the ability to change your IP address means you also have the ability to sidestep all these blocks with ease. The best IP changer software can be useful in all the following situations –

  • To access websites that have banned you
  • To circumvent IP address bans
  • To hide your identity when engaging in malicious activity
  • To improve gaming experience


This is part of the same problem, much of what you do online is tailored with regards to your IP address. In some situations that’s fine allowing sites to present information relevant to your exact location.

However what if you need to do some research? What if you don’t want your browsing to match your location. What if you don’t want the Japanese version of Google while on holiday in Japan. Fixing everything down and blocking access to sites outside your present location is everything the internet is not supposed to be !

Assigning a default network profile to your online experience just limits the possibilities and flexibility of the internet. Lots of us NEED to change our IP addresses for all sorts of different reasons.

Here’s a few more –

  • To improve your site’s performance
  • To prevent spoofing and hacking
  • To protect your site from being blocked
  • To stop spammers from targeting you
  • To hide your site’s location

So What is the Best IP changer for PCs and Other Devices?

It’s important to remember two things about changing your IP address.

  • Must be your Public IP address (changing your local address is simple but doesn’t achieve much)
  • It’s not actually possible to change this address

This might sound confusing but it’s accurate, your public address can’t really be changed directly (unless you own or control an Internet Service Provider). However you can change what your IP address appears to be by using something called a VPN or even a proxy. It’s basically a disguise which works very well indeed.

How does a VPN Change Your IP Address?

An IP changer works by routing your traffic through a different IP address much like a simple proxy. This can be used to spoof your location or to access geo-restricted content. By far the most common example of IP changing software used by millions of people across the world is called a VPN.

Best IP Changer for PC

A VPN works by routing your internet connection through an intermediate (VPN) server. This server then acts as a middle man sending and receiving requests from websites and applications across the internet. The advantage is that this protects and hides your real location providing you with a level of privacy that doesn’t normally exist online certainly much more than SSL does. It also can act as an IP changer which works on any device the VPN connection is enabled.

This works because your real IP address is not visible, only the IP address of your VPN server. Which means that if you switch to a different VPN server (perhaps in another country) then you’re effectively changing your IP address to that server too.

A VPN is the Best IP Changer Software for PC, Smartphones and Other Network Devices

There’s no doubt that the ability to change your IP address is becoming more and more valuable. Not only do they provide real privacy and protection for everything you do online, the ability to change IP unlocks much of the internet too.

Empower your Computer: Choose the Best IP Changer for PC Software

There are now in 2024 literally millions of websites which control and filter access based on your physical location. The technology called geo-targeting functions by looking up your location based on your IP address. It’s why we’re all blocked from lots of media sites for example like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix simply because of our physical location.

On YouTube videos are often only available for specific locations, anyone else will just get an error message or apology like “sorry, this is not available in your country’. There are a myriad of reasons that these blocks exist, yet almost all of them can be bypassed by having control of your IP address or at least the appearance of that address.