What are the Best Proxies for Adidas in 2023

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Choosing the Right Proxies for Copping Adidas in 2023

So what are the best proxies for Adidas sneakers in 2023? Perhaps the most important question is ‘will there even be a sneaker resale market’ at all?  It’s a difficult call, as with the world in the grips of a global pandemic, it’s anyone’s guess to what opportunities there are going to be for sneaker resellers.  When we all emerge from our isolation there’s a fair chance that no-one is going to have $200 sneakers at the top of their shopping lists!

Although to be honest, I have a fair amount of friends who will have spent the last few weeks dreaming of Adidas Ultra Boosts and will be rushing out to buy them.   One thing is for sure, though for the reseller seeking to be successful at the best drops you’re still going to need decent proxies especially for Adidas.

There are possibly going to be some great opportunities when the markets reopen, which means those ready to go will hopefully see the benefit.   So whether you’re using Bots or just buying through multiple chrome windows then having fast, trusted proxies lined up will be essential.

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What Makes a Great Adidas Proxy?

Most of the requirements hold true whether you’re using Bots, extension scripts or even just doing it all old school through multiple Chrome Windows.   For some brands speed is not quite as important as it used to be, largely due to the huge number of automated purchases which are nearly always at the front of the queue.  For Adidas though speed is relatively important and it’s important that any proxies you use are high speed.  Obviously scale also has an impact on this too, your Chrome windows won’t need the sort of bandwidth that a dozen multi-threaded Bots will need.

  • Speed

If you don’t think speed is a priority, then it’s worth considering the route your requests will take. If you’re running from your home PC here’s an example –

  • Connection is routed through to your ISP Gateway.
  • Connection then routed through proxy server.
  • Connection then routed through to Adidas eCommerce Server.
  • Reply sent to proxy server.
  • Reply routed through ISP gateway.
  • Reply sent back to your computer.

Even a relatively simple setup like this adds the potential for a huge impact onto the time it takes for your requests to be processed.   The impact on speed is also multiplied if your running hundreds of threads too.  The simple fact is that although using a proxy is essential in order to change/hide your real IP address it also adds another step in your connection journey.

So if speed is essential, then what other aspects are important specifically for copping Adidas drops?

  • Location

This is also linked with speed simply because you’re never going to get a fast connection if you relay it through some obscure location.  The proxy will ideally need to be located as near as possible to the Adidas servers in order to reduce the potential lag.  This of course can vary, there are Adidas servers all over the world but generally your proxies should be located in same areas as the Adidas one are.  So don’t go using a proxy based in France to access Canadian Adidas sites, they’ll be too slow.

Indeed, it’s not just speed that makes the location important as often important drops are geo-targeted too.  It’s not uncommon to have drops restricted to even more specific locations, limited to US West coast for example.  Which makes it even more crucial to shadow the Adidas servers that you’re trying to score from.  You should ideally be able to configure this from your proxy provider, although many will be able to assign you specific Adidas proxies in your chosen location.

Residential Proxies are a Must

It’s important to be aware that there are other factors which determine how well proxies work in accessing the Adidas servers.  The most crucial is the classification and reputation of the IP addresses which they have assigned.   Many proxies, often the very cheap ones, are assigned with IP addresses which are simply not trusted by any servers which deal with payments or commercial transactions.

There’s certain distinct aspects of these IP addresses which are important in the best sneaker proxies.  So here’s a quick summary of what proxies work best when trying to buy from Adidas (or any other eCommerce site for that matter) –

  • Classification – IP addresses can be registered to different organisations mostly commercial or residential.  Commercial addresses are assigned to companies and organisations, whereas residential addresses are allocated to ISPs to be used for users internet connections.  Connections from commercial addresses don’t look like real customers, and in many cases are either blocked automatically (or flagged as suspicious).   Residential proxies have addresses from ‘residential zones’ and are therefore much more trusted than commercial ones.
  • Reputation – it sounds bizarre to consider the reputation of something like an IP address yet it’s actually quite important.  Many IP addresses which have been used by spammers, fraudsters or for other undesirable purposes are blacklisted.  Unfortunately these addresses will be unable to complete financial transactions and will be blocked by Adidas servers.  What’s more any accounts associated with these addresses can be flagged too.
  • Adidas Virgins – well not really but you’ll definitely do better with IP addresses which are not used by others for buying sneakers.  Most of the time it should be ok as long as they’re not used concurrently with other sneakerheads.  The best providers reserve specialist proxies (and IPs) for accessing Adidas servers.

Adidas Residential Proxies

So just to summarise, if it ever becomes relevant again here’s what you’re looking for in the best proxies for Adidas.  You need proxies with residential IP addresses which have not been used and abused, which are located as near as possible to the Adidas web sites.

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