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Need the Ultimate Proxy ? Buy Static Residential Proxies

What Exactly are Static Residential Proxies?

There’s several parts to this question – but presuming your know what a proxy is then we’ll concentrate on the details. Firstly residential proxies are simply proxy servers which have residential IP addresses assigned to them. In fact you can change a residential proxy to a datacentre/standard proxy very easily indeed just by changing the IP addresses allocated to it.

Residential IP addresses are arguably the safest and best IP addresses for most online tasks. Because they’re identical to the IP addresses assigned to standard home users over their internet connections they’re almost impossible to detect and block. If you need super safe, undetectable access online for any reason then your should ensure your proxy is using residential IP addresses.

So that explains residential proxies – so what about the static bit?

Why Residential Proxies Usually Rotate

Residential IP addresses are normally only available to ISPs who allocate them to their home customers when they buy broadband connections and internet access. The proxy companies should not really be able to get their hands on them – yet they do! However it’s not easy and although they are becoming increasingly available it’s not very easy. In fact the most common way of obtaining access to a residential IP address is simply to ‘borrow them’ from existing users. That is ordinary home users allow others to piggyback their internet connection and IP addresses.

Of course, this means the proxy company has limited control and the IP may disappear at any moment – which is why they may be forced to rotate another address to keep the connection alive.

Why Would They Do This?

Usually it’s in exchange for using some app, software or other tool. Basically while using this the customer allow limited access to their connection allowing data to be relayed through their residential IP address. For example the ‘Free VPN from Hola’ isn’t really free as you have to share your IP address while using it.

Other methods are slightly more dubious and often involve obtaining by deception with viruses, trojans and other nasty malware. IN these cases the user probably isn’t even aware that their IP address is being shared and used by others!

Static Addresses Need Control

The problem for the proxy providers that these methods give them virtually no control over the accessibility of the IP address. It’s available while the users machine or device is online and no longer because it relies on relaying through their connection.

Which means it’s virtually impossible to offer static addresses as they could disappear at any moment. Some proxy providers offer “sticky IPs” which are guaranteed for a short period of time but they’re not really static.

Proxy Provider Rotates Address

When that app stops being used, or when the device is disconnected or switched off – the IP address will disappear and can no longer be used. So your proxy would need to switch or rotate to another IP address in order to maintain the connection.

It’s not ideal for many circumstances as you’ll discover later in this article!

What are the benefits of using static residential proxies?

There are numerous benefits using static residential proxies and in most respects they are considered the highest quality proxy servers that you can use in 2022.

These are the proxies you need for tasks like

– E-Commerce and Marketing,

– Avoiding bans on sites

– Creating new accounts

– Managing accounts

On all sorts of sites from social media to large e-commerce stores. If you want multiple identities on any of these then these are the best types of proxy without doubt.

Residential Addresses

The benefits of using proxies with residential address are primarily anonymity and privacy. Any proxy can hide your location but unfortunately most are extremely simple to identify. So a website you visit might not know your location but they will probably know you’re using a proxy.

This can be a huge problem as most sites don’t like people hiding their location from them. Obviously sites like media sites which enforce geo-restrictions don’t approve and some will block you instantly. However there are many other sites who don’t want to interact with proxy enabled connections for a variety of reasons.

E-Commerce Sites are Wary of Proxies

E-commerce sites are especially wary as proxies can be used to hide the identity of cyber criminals or identity thieves. If you’re suspected of using a proxy when trying to buy or checkout then many sites will simply block the purchase. Your payment details can be perfectly legitimate but if a proxy is suspected then the transaction will normally be rejected.

This is difficult for those who need multiple identities for their online purchases. Typical examples are those buying and selling limited availability items like sneakers and concert tickets. Profits are made by making multiple purchases for resale. You need proxies and multiple IP addresses however it’s only those using residential IP addresses that normally work. Any proxy using datacenter IP addresses is very easy to detect.

These transactions also work much more effectively with static IP addresses. If your IP addresses changes in the middle of checkout it’s not going to look good. Many of the most sophisticated e-commerce sites have security systems which detect and block transactions in these situations. It’s why so many people only use static residential proxies for these situations.

In addition static residential proxies are a great way to improve your website’s speed and stability. They help reduce the load time for pages on your website, which can make it easier for people to find and use your content. Additionally, they provide a level of security that is not available with other types of proxies.

How can Static Residential proxies be used?

Static residential proxies can be used to mask your IP address and access the Internet anonymously. This is useful if you want to avoid being tracked or monitored online. They can also be used to bypass content filters that are set up by schools, companies, and other institutions.

A static residential proxy is a computer server that acts as an intermediary between you and the Internet. It allows you to browse the Web without revealing your real IP address (the unique identifier for every device on the Internet). By using a static residential proxy, you can hide your identity and stay anonymous online.

This is especially useful if you’re concerned about being tracked or monitored online. You can use a static residential proxy to bypass any filters that are installed at work or school, for example. You could also use it to explore blocked websites in countries where censorship is common.

Remember the core difference here is that these proxies use residential IP addresses which are virtually undetectable by the vast majority of websites. The static addresses mean that the addresses can be kept private and are not shared with others too.

Where can I buy static residential proxies?

You can of course by proxies from load of different proxy providers online. If you need residential IP addresses the options are reduced significantly. The problem is that it’s very difficult to source residential IP addresses and the simplest method is to lease/borrow them from existing users.

Static Residential Proxies

This needs a certain amount of infrastructure in place and the ability to lease these addresses from ordinary home users (without illegal methods such as viruses/malware).

How do I choose the best static residential proxies?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to choose a static residential proxies depends on your specific needs. However, some tips that may help you include looking for proxies with high uptime and fast speeds. Additionally, it’s important to consider whether or not the proxy provider offers any customization options or support.

When choosing a static residential proxies, it’s important to take into account your specific needs. For example, you might want to look for proxies with high uptime and fast speeds in order to ensure reliability. Alternatively, you might want a provider that offers customizable options and support so that you can fine-tune your experience accordingly. Ultimately, there is no single “right” way to go about selecting a static residential proxy; it all depends on what will work best for you and your situation.

How much do Static Residential Proxies Cost?

Static residential proxies unfortunately cost money. It’s important to remember that a proxy is not free, and you’ll need to pay for it if you want one. The amount of money you spend on a static residential proxy will depend on the type of proxy and the features that are included.

Some proxies include additional features, such as email or chat support, which can add to your costs. There are also different types of proxies available, each with its own set of costs and features.

The most expensive component of most proxy services is the IP address. The costs vary but generally the more you pay the more anonymity and privacy you get. The cheapest proxies will hide your location but it’s very obvious that you are using a proxy. Many tasks then become impossible as security systems in most websites will block many activities.

Residential IP Addresses – Best Quality but Highest Price

Residential IP addresses are the hardest to obtain but by far the most effective. They are almost undetectable and you’ll look like any standard user when using a site. The only IP address types that are comparable are the ones assigned to mobile users. There are mobile IP proxies too or it’s actually possible to create these yourself.

ultimate proxy server

Costs can vary however it’s important to remember that these proxies are much. much more effective than traditional datacentre proxies. They almost impossible to detect and as long as you schedule them carefully and don’t overuse they actually be much more cost effective. You don’t need thousands of these addresses if you use them properly which can obviously substantially lower the price.

The best proxy providers will give you guidance on using them properly after all they’re valuable to the proxy provider too.

You should carefully consider all the costs before making a purchase decision.

How Can I Get the Most out of Using Static Residential Proxies?

This is a difficult question and in some senses it’s looking at the issue from the wrong viewpoint. There’s no doubt that if you want to create multiple identities on any platform that cannot be detected then a static residential proxy is the best solution available. However it’s no point paying for these and rushing out to look for a method to profit from them.

Find the Method and Execute

The majority of residential proxy users will already have identified opportunities and are merely investing in the best proxy option to use. For example if you’re promoting on multiple Instagram accounts which are generating profit from huge followings then you’ll want to use the safest proxy solution possible. Connecting through cheap, detectable datacentre proxies is simply not worth the risks to valuable assets like these.

Indeed most online professionals will only use basic datacentre proxies for very simple tasks like web scraping or posting with cheaper SEO tools. If there’s any real profit involved or a valuable asset like a social media account then it’s likely static residential proxies are worth the investment.

Find the opportunity online, make sure it’s scalable then get pricing for a residential proxy with one or two residential private addresses to start. That may be all you need depending on the scalability of your opportunity. Remember take care of these private residential addresses they’re very powerful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a type of content that helps people find the information they need quickly. These are questions received by email and through the comments section of this site.

Can I Use Free Proxies instead?

there are lots of free proxies around, of course however for most tasks they are fairly useless. Firstly they’ll be extremely slow, secondly they’ll almost certainly be on the majority of IP blacklists and finally they likely to cause more harm than good.

If you use free proxies with IP addresses which have been used fraudulently or for spam then any account you use with them will be at risk. Never use them with valuable social media accounts or on e-commerce platforms. You can only use free proxies for throwaway tasks and never use them with any payment based tasks.

What are ISP Proxies ?

As usual in the proxy world everyone uses different terms ! ISP Proxies are basically the same as Static residential proxies i.e. they have IP addresses directly from ISPs which don’t rotate automatically.

How can I make money with these ISP proxies?

There are thousands of different methods to make money with these proxies. However most revolve by using them to create a brand new digital identity. You can use to create and manage accounts on any platform like Instagram, Twitter, eBay etc. Also scale any marketing activities through all sorts of platforms.

Can I Use these Proxies with Craigslist?

They work wonderfully with Craigslist however there’s one important point to remember. Craigslist looks up the location of these IP addresses so you’ll need ones located in the specific catchment areas i.e. to post on a NY board you’ll need an IP from New York.

Where Can I Buy Static Residential Proxies ?

There are only a couple of firms able to supply these – Bright Data, Smart Proxies are two of the market leaders. However we recommend a new supplier that has very good deals – IPBurger.

Why are Rotating residential proxies cheaper?

Because they’re usually shared with other users and are generally much slower too. They can also switch addresses automatically which can cause problems in many instances like e-commerce transactions.

Will a Proxy Service Slow Down my Connection?

Any proxy server will add another ‘hop’ to all your network connections so it’s never going to increase speed. However most commercial proxies are located on fast, high bandwidth networks so the impact should be limited. There has been a problem with most residential proxies because they often need to be routed through client computers to obtain the residential addresses – this can have a significant effect on speed. However these ISP/Static residential proxies obtain their IP addresses directly so don’t require this,

Can I Use Datacenter Proxies Instead ?

If datacenter proxies work for your specific tasks then it’s definitely worth using them. They’re much cheaper and less likely to have the speed impact on other proxy networks that have additional client requirements. Most of the best proxy companies will have many types of proxies so you should be able to swap as needed. The problem is that they’re very easy to identify and most sites will know you’re using a proxy almost instantly. Generally they’re ok for simple generic tasks like web scraping or using with SEO tools but important tasks need private residential proxies.

Where Can I Buy Residential IP Addresses ?

A few years ago this was a very difficult question to answer.  In fact there were only two or three providers of residential IP addresses – including the two oldest – Bright Data (originally Luminati) and Smart Proxies.  Nowadays the residential IP addresses have become much easier to obtain and there’s dozens of companies who can provide you with these addresses.