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In 2020, we’re all going to have to up our game especially with sites like Supreme.  They’re spending more money that ever in blocking our bots and multi logon attempts.  There’s no space now for those cheap datacenter proxies as they won’t work anymore.  We need to buy Supreme Proxy servers that actually work in 2020, read on to discover them.

If you want to cop the latest sneakers online then you have two options – blind luck or to use proxies.  Unfortunately for many drops it seems that you’re more likely to win the lottery than cop the latest hyped release from sites like Supreme.   The problem is that these releases are no longer a level playing field because so many people are using Bots, Macros and automated software to maximise their own chances.   The one item per customer specification sounds fair. Yet we all know that plenty of people are grabbing dozens of pairs on even the most limited releases.

Much of the tactics for copping limited releases are covered in pages in this site.  Yet most of them centre on creating multiple identities to grab as many pairs as possible.  With instant resell values at 200% plus (and often much more) – it’s hardly surprising that the competition is intense.  Even a reasonably successful sneakerhead can make several thousand dollars a month without any huge effort, people who take it really seriously make an awful lot more.

Buy Supreme Proxy

To compete with these guys takes a little knowledge and investment but it’s not rocket science.  However one of the most crucial aspects which often separates the winners from the losers, is choosing the right proxy service!

Buy Supreme Proxy Servers Which Work in 2020

Four or five years ago, the decision was fairly simple – proxies were merely required to hide each connection to the site.  As long as you had a unique IP address for each purchase then you could let your Sneaker Bot run wild and pick up as many pairs as possible.  There wasn’t too much to consider about  proxies, as long as you stayed away from free proxies which were always blacklisted.   However in the second half of 2016 all of that pretty much changed forever as suddenly almost all our proxy solutions stopped working!  First it happened with the Adidas servers and then Supreme did exactly the same.   To many of us, it seemed that all proxies had suddenly been blocked.  However that wasn’t actually the case.

So what happened ?  Well, suddenly all of these companies had decided to block all access from datacenter registered IP addresses.  The technology has existed for some time, a year or so earlier Netflix had done the same thing, in an attempt to stop proxies being used to circumvent their licensing restrictions. Even to this day no datacenter IP address will work reliably for Netflix which is a pain if you want to watch it sneakily from work!

The solution was to switch away from the datacenter based proxies and move towards ones which used residential IP addresses.  Unfortunately 99% of proxy servers used datacenter IP addresses as they were much cheaper and easier to obtain.  In fact getting hold of residential IP addresses is to this day a very difficult and expensive operation.  The issue was that these addresses were only released to normal ‘home users’ usually from their ISPs and they were not available to any one else.   There was only a couple of companies at that time which provided residential proxies – Storm Proxies and the biggest player in the market today – Luminati.

Fast forward to 2020 and now many of the main sneaker sites will block non-residential IP address ranges.   You will hear that some datacentre proxies will work occasionally for the odd drop , but it’s certainly becoming much rarer.   The problem is that it’s rarely worth taking the chance of accounts and payment cards being associated with these addresses for many sites.

Currently this is probably the current state of play for proxies in 2020 –

  • Nike – Residential Only
  • Adidas – Residential Only
  • Shopify (scheduled releases) – Datacenter/Residential
  • Shopify (random releases) – Residential
  • Supreme – Residential Only

So as you can see Supreme have become pretty much residential IP address only now.  If you’re still thinking of trying datacenter ones then you should be looking at ‘virgin’ unused proxies and certainly not shared.  Be careful though of misleading Tweets about great successes using certain datacenter proxies, these are not always 100% genuine.

Really, Just Use Residential IP Proxies

When you analyse how these are created their success is not surprising.  After all the whole point of using proxies is to look like a normal, individual customer.  Yet home users, simply don’t get allocated IP addresses direct from datacenters but from their ISP.   It’s a huge and obvious footprint and the only real shock is that it has taken e-Commerce sites so long to catch on.  There are some instances where genuine customers might get accidentally blocked.  For example if you connect from work or any corporate network then you’re unlikely to have a residential IP address.  Yet for the vast majority of ordinary people, they will be connecting via a residential or mobile IP address.

It’s not going to change anytime soon.  The technology to detect IP address ranges registered in commercial datacentres is already very good and will only get better.  Most major websites will detect and filter based on IP address information, whether it’s how they’re classified or by location.  Fraudulent activity is also much more likely to come from datacentre addresses too whether standard proxies or the many cheap and available VPN services from across the world.  There’s an increasing case for just blocking datacenter IP addresses on all sorts of platforms.

There are plenty of issues with residential addresses too though, mostly based on how they’re obtained. The vast majority of residential addresses are routed through ordinary users connections. The most common problem is speed, which can be a problem if you’re competing for an oversubscribed drop.  Yet even then this can often be a blessing in disguise, ordinary users aren’t that quick and if your sneaker Bot is too quick then that too can raise flags.

Remember the most important factor is to look like a real user, manually clicking their way through the electronic store.  You still want to be quick, but not too quick!  There’s not many decent residential proxy providers around but we can certainly recommend a couple which are worth investigating.

Many successful sneaker heads swear by this little known company – RotatingProxies,  if you’re new to the game get a trial to coincide with a scheduled drop and try them out.   Make sure you tell them what the proxies are for.

For the ultimate in residential proxies then check out Luminati,  widely regarded as the best residential IP proxies but they’re definitely not the cheapest.

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