Where to Find Those Cheap Residential IP and Proxies That Work in 2022

The Reality of the Cheapest Residential IP Proxies: Why Many Residential IP Addresses Aren’t Worth Using Anymore

The reality of the cheapest residential IP that are available is that nowadays most of them are simply not worth using. Obviously the number one reason why many people buy them is because the the prices are low. Yet unfortunately this is because the IP addresses are overused and abused, which makes them pretty worthless. Finding the cheapest residential proxy is fairly pointless because it’s likely it won’t work for most tasks.cheapest residential IP

Indeed, there has been a shift in how companies view these types of IPs. In 2022, most businesses will be moving away from using standard residential proxies to use other types like Dedicated Proxies which provide more security and reliability than ever before. This blog post discusses where to find those Cheap Residential IP addresses that DO WORK in 2022 so you don’t have to worry about being blocked again!

Key Points about Residential Proxies

Of course residential proxies are simply proxies which utilise an IP address which is classified as residential. This has many advantages but the primary one is that most web filters will trust these sort of addresses completely. As opposed to a standard proxy using IP addresses registered in a datacenter, these are classed as commercial and have a very low trust value.

Although there are many variations, the most common use of residential proxies is to bypass some sort of web filter. These can be on all sorts of different sites focusing on advertising, entertainment, informational, social media and often e-commerce. The idea is that a proxy with a residential IP address closely mimic a standard ‘home user’ which the majority of these sites trust and wish to target. While they were effective at first, there are many types of residential proxies blocked and blacklisted by modern security systems so this is not a reliable method anymore.

Residential Proxies vs Other Proxy Types

The primary difference is of course, the classification of the IP address used. A residential proxy will always connect using a residential IP address and thus will convey the same trust these addresses on the person using them.

Standard proxies will normally be assigned commercial ranges of IP addresses which are normally assigned to corporate or commercial networks.

These of course work just as well for basic connectivity but are often blocked by many websites or at least flagged as suspicious. Most VPNs and proxies use these addresses simply because they’re much cheaper and easier to obtain. residential IP addresses are normally only allocated from ISPs.

Residential IP Address = Home User

There are other options, including 4G proxies which use IP addresses from mobile networks which work well too. However if you want to buy something, stream something or access anything online without issues then a residential IP address is normally safest.

What’s the Difference between Cheap and Premium Residential Proxies?

If you’re considering using residential proxies then it’s because you want a discrete and anonymous way of connecting to a website. The problem is that residential IP addresses are difficult to obtain and hence can be expensive. Buying or setting up residential ranges is extremely difficult because they’re simply not available.

cheapest dedicated ip

If you spend a lot of money setting up residential proxies then you’re obviously going to have charge more to make a profit of any kind.

So how come there are some very cheap residential proxies available? Well there’s normally two ways you can reduce costs for these proxies –

  • Using standard users residential addresses without their knowledge – e.g. by installing malware or viruses on their computers.
  • Buying legitimate residential addresses but overloading them with thousands of users to lower costs.

Both methods will inevitably end up with those addresses being blacklisted. The problem is that if you use a blacklisted IP address like this, your connection might get blocked or worse any account linked with it flagged too. For example if you use an account on an e-commerce store using an IP address which is blacklisted then your account could get deleted too.

Tasks for Premium Residential Proxies –

Premium doesn’t have to mean expensive, in fact there are lots of really great proxy networks that cost similar prices to the hacked and stolen ones. Some of the providers take a longer term view and protect their networks and charge reasonable prices to customers who use their resources properly. If a residential IP range is used to send spam or appears on a blacklist somewhere it becomes fairly useless.

There are a few companies who provide this service and have business models that allow people access to high quality IP address ranges at a decent price.  Remember though you may share some of these addresses with other users (although not concurrently).  If you want exclusive access look for private or dedicated proxies.

Verify Ads with Proxies

Internet advertising can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s worth checking with a few proxies before you commit to one that is expensive and has long term contracts because they may not work in 2021.

 cheap residential proxyProxies also let you check that your ads are being targeted properly especially when they’re running internationally. Make sure you’re getting what you pay for!

Web scrape freely

Web scraping is big business and many hugely profitable websites rely solely on this business model. If you’re scraping information like times, prices or similar using a commercial IP address from a service provided to end-users then it’s not going to work. At best you’re going to get blocked and worse you’ll find yourself being pursued by the information provider who may send you a huge bill.

A decent residential proxy with rotating IP addresses can allow this model to operate successfully though and many do just that.

Cop Sneakers

The new Nike Air Max Deluxe is one of the most popular sneakers on the market today, but you can’t just walk into a store and buy them. You have to wait until they go on sale at retail outlets like Footlocker or Finish Line.

If you try and buy using a commercial IP address or proxy then it simply won’t work. Demand is huge and suppliers want to ensure they go direct to home customers. If you want to buy any quantity for profit, then residential proxies can be used to make lots from reselling popular sneakers. The same business model is used in lots of other ‘hot markets’ from Tickets to games consoles.

Access local data

The web is becoming increasingly segmented and many sites restrict access based on location. For example the popular advertising board – Craigslist only allows access based on your physical location – only for connections originating in it’s specified locale. To access the New York board to post adverts you need to be from New York (or at least your IP address does).

If you’re not, Craigslist blocks access.

Using separate residential IPs are the solution to this problem and can give unrestricted access from anywhere in the world as they originate from the locations you need – such as a particular country or region. They also don’t share any of your personal information with website owners either.

Scale your marketing

There are many ways of making money online yet often they’re harder to find than you think. However there’s one important rule – if you do find something that works then scale it up. If you can make $10000 a year on one Instagram account, making and managing 10 accounts is going to make you a lot more. Scaling works, but unfortunately you’ll often need to hide your identity to replicate. Running 10 social media accounts from the same computer and IP address will get you banned. You may even lose the accounts completely. If you’re going to scale hide your digital identity – run them on separate residential IP addresses or buy mobile proxies.

The Best Residential Proxy Providers of 2022

So where to find those cheapest residential IP addresses and proxies that work in 2022 ? How to avoid the junk with residential IP addresses aren’t worth using because they are blocked or blacklisted.

The best proxy providers do vary depending on the tasks you need, but the following companies are great all rounders. They’ll usually have the type of proxies you need at an affordable price – check them out.

Bright Data (Formerly Luminati Network) – the largest proxy provider on the planet with an impressive network of 72 million + IP addresses. This is the gold star choice used by Fortune 500 companies. Don’t worry though businesses from all shapes and sizes can buy their services. Reputation of being quite expensive but that’s not exactly true. For safety and reliability this is your best choice.

IPBurger – high quality residential proxy and VPN services. Very reasonable prices and good selection of plans to fit all pockets. Very popular with the ‘sneaker crowd’ for copping the latest sneakers.

RotatingProxies – good value residential proxy range, most of their plans are built on rotating proxies. This means that you IP address is assigned from a central pool and then switched periodically. If you require static address for any period of time then probably check out one of the other two providers. Great for scraping data and lots of marketing tools and software.

All these companies supply both residential proxies and standard data centre ones, make sure you ask which ones you need. Residential proxies offer more anonymity and are generally less likely to be detected, but they’re more expensive and you don’t always need them.