Best IPs and Proxies for Craigslist Posting

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Best IPs for Craigslist Posting

The following article will explain how to avoid being blocked and how to pick the right proxies for Craigslist posting.  Craigslist has specific rules to posting and if you follow them you’ll be able to post as many adverts as you need.

Most of us have probably used Craigslist at some point in our lives.  Perhaps you’ve offloaded that expensive mountain bike you never used or perhaps you just browse the sites huge classified sections.   However for marketers and online businesses it’s a potential goldmine for selling goods and services all over the world.   If you haven’t used Craigslist and you have got something to sell or a service to promote then check it out. You’ll be amazed at the potential on this simple looking site especially when you start to appreciate the millions that use it everyday.

best proxies for craigslist posting

Here’s the definition of the Craigslist site courtesy of Wikipedia

Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community service, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums.

Craigslist Proxies – Do You Need Them?

However before you can unlock this huge global market of opportunities then there’s a few obstacles that you need to be aware of.

Multiple Posting

Unfortunately to make lots of money from Craigslist then you’ll need to make lots of posts.  Although it’s a classified directory, Craigslist is designed for individuals posting single adverts.  If you want to sell your car or advertise a service to your local community then a single advert on Craigslist is just fine.  However if you want to sell something like a digital product or service to as many people as possible you’re going to need to make a lot more posts.

Location Restrictions and Geo-Blocks

Craiglist is designed to be a local directory and is split into thousands of different localised sites.   For instance there’s a Craigslist London, Craigslist New York and so on all split up into separate sites.   When you visit the site you are redirected to your local version automatically based on the location of your connection.   What’s more you will not be able to post in other regional variation of the site.

Banned and Blocked Accounts

If you try anything too commercial or Craigslist decides it doesn’t like your posts then you can end up with your IP address and account blocked.  Obviously the best way to stop this happening is to stick to the rules, however of course we sometimes need to bend them slightly to maximise profits.  You  can create new accounts if you have a problem, but you’ll also need more IP addresses as they will be blocked too.

Geo Targeted Proxies for Posting Adverts

The solution to all of these restrictions though is to use proxies to hide your accounts and real location.  When you are connected to a proxy then the website will only see the IP address of the proxy server not your real one.  By switching the proxy you can effectively manage multiple accounts, change your apparent location and post multiple times on different regions of Craigslist.

This means that instead of being limited by a single IP address located in a specific location, if you have a bank of Craigslist proxies all these restrictions are lifted.  Post adverts as many times as you want, in as many locations as you need.   If you use decent Craigslist proxies you’ll unlock the huge potential in the platform irrespective of where you are.  Using these methods, I personally know several professional Craigslist marketers who operate all across the USA even though they are located in Asia (and have never actually been to the US).  The most important component of these proxies is however their IP addresses which is why it’s important to choose the right service to use.

What are the Best IPs for Craigslist Posting

To be honest, how well your Craigslist proxies work is largely dependent on the IP addresses that are assigned to them. You won’t get very far with a super fast proxy which has a Russian IP address range assigned to it, unless perhaps you’re selling in Moscow. The IP address you’re proxies are using must be appropriate to the accounts you’re using which is why it’s best to use proxy services specifically designed for use with Craiglist.

Here’s some important factors for switching IP addresses for Posting on Craigslist –

    • Location – match up your IP addresses to the correct region. Using a US East Coast registered IP address won’t work for posting on West Coast Directories. Ideally pick the correct city but at the very least the right region.
    • Accounts – for multiple posting you’ll need to mix up your physical address information as well as IP address. Putting the exact same contact information for multiple ads will get your accounts flagged.
    • Dedicated/Semi dedicated – there’s a lot of discussion about whether you need proxies with dedicated IP addresses for your Craigslist activities.
    • Residential addresses – using proxies which have IP addresses from residential ranges is much safer. These addresses are much more trusted than those coming from commercial IP address ranges. .

Much of this depends on scale of course, if you’re just posting one or two extra ads then you can be more flexible with your proxies and the addresses. If you’re trying to post lots of adverts on lots of boards then you need to be much more careful. For example you certainly don’t want to be posting concurrently with other Craigslist marketers, but do you really need an expensive server with a dedicated IP address range, it’s normally cheaper to buy specific Craigslist services which will rotate IP addresses among users.

Also although residential addresses are much less likely to get flagged than datacentre IPs if you’re just posting a small number of adverts it’s probably not necessary. However any sort of scale and the expense is justified as they’re generally much safer, a wise investment if you’re serious about your marketing

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