RotatingProxies Launch New Fast, Private Proxies for Ticketmaster

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Best Private Proxies for Ticketmaster

Getting decent proxies to work with Ticketmaster can be a big challenge.   If it wasn’t for the huge profits to be made, many of us would give up trying.  It often surprises many people why they spend so much time and effort blocking access to proxies.  After all Ticket Scalpers pay full price and it’s often argued that firms like Ticketmaster actually benefit from the secondary market. Interestingly there’s even a court case which suggests that they’re even allegedly  actively participating by supply Bots to third parties, which you can read about here.   Perhaps this might explain the fervor by which they try and block out everyone else’s IP addresses!

It’s been increasingly difficult to find decent proxies that work with these ticket sites especially Ticketmaster.  Luminati nearly always work but to get the correct configuration and setup things like ‘sticky IPs’ can get really expensive.  If you’ve got a super slick operation or do it on a decent scale they’re often the best option.  Yet for the badly disorganized who sometimes cover the wrong events, then the costs can be a bit prohibitive.   So although I use Luminati, I’m always on the look out for good value alternatives from decent suppliers.  Dedicated private proxies are available from many companies but they’re often extremely expensive for any volume.

One very important factor I value in choosing a proxy provider is that they’re happy  to give refunds.  This might sound odd, as it implies that  the service didn’t work.  However the reality is that often proxies can fail for all sort of reasons in one situation then work perfectly for 12 months after.   This is particularly true with sneaker proxies where the retailers often vary their security permissions depending on the release.   So if a company will happily make a refund, it provides a level of confidence in their product. Well that’s what I think anyway.

Launch of New Private Proxies for Ticketmaster

RotatingProxies are one of these companies, who you can work with and test proxies out with confidence.  If you ask for a refund,  you’ll get one without fuss although it’s rarely necessary.

Private Proxies for Ticketmaster

They’ve supplied proxies for use with Ticketmaster for quite a while, and many people use them exclusively for this purpose.   However they’ve now launched a dedicated service of Premium Ticketmaster Proxies.

Here’s quick rundown of the features of this service:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth – No charges per gigabyte which can make ‘cheap proxies’ cost a fortune when you start using them.
  • Residential IPs – essential for accessing Ticketmaster and the majority of the ticket sites (yet not all!)
  • Monthly IP Rotation – you get a static IP reserved for your own use.  This is important as services where the IP address rotates every few minutes can cause issues especially when using Bots.
  • USA or EU Locations – previously this company has primarily been focused on US proxies, nice to see support for EU sites now.
  • Multiple Subnets – very important, you don’t want all your IP addresses to be on consecutive addresses from the same subnet if you want to stay undetected.
  • Tested Before Delivery – every premium dedicated Ticketmaster proxy is checked for Ticket browsing before supply.
  • Dedicated Use – these proxies (or IPs) are not shared or rotated between other users.

It looks like a very strong profile and all the essential elements for successful use with Ticketmaster are there. The price seems extremely reasonable for dedicated use which normally cost much more. Although it should be mentioned that you’ll need to be careful to order enough to cope with your requirements. Buying a few proxies and spamming them to death won’t help you or the company. Ultimately if you have some idea in how to use proxies with Ticketmaster, then these seem ideal.

Best Ticketmaster Proxies Setup

In theory these should set you up with decent service of dedicated proxies which are guaranteed to work with Ticketmaster.  If they don’t then you should get an instant refund!  I’m expecting these to work very well and am optimistic they’ll be a great resource for accessing the various ticket sites.   It would be interesting to see if any one else uses this service, please comment if you have any experience with them.  The specifications and price look to be unmatched in the providers I use currently.  So with my confidence in the firm and their support team it looks a great proposition.

Mostly the best Ticketmaster proxies available within a decent budget have involved sharing IP addresses in some ways.   Although rotating these addresses carefully allows the price to be more competitive, it does mean your address is likely to change at any moment.  Even those companies, which promise to maintain an IP address with each different connection can’t always do this.   This is because if addresses are supplied by routing through home connections then there can be no guarantee.  Luminati for example will only promise to keep your address static for ten minutes and that costs money.

Hopefully these will provide a reliable option for ticket proxies that actually work.  If you use them, be careful as the best proxies can be ruined by overuse !

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