What is a Fresh IP address and Why Are They Important in 2022

It’s no secret that IP addresses are important. In fact, many of the most popular websites on the internet today use them to create a layer of security for themselves and their users. But what exactly is an IP address? And how do they affect your business in 2022?

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In this blog post, we will discuss fresh IP addresses: what they are, why they’re vital to your business, and how you can get one for yourself!

Does Online Success Need a Fresh Dedicated IP Address ?

It used to be so simple, just grab a free proxy online from somewhere and you can do pretty much anything undetected. There was no need to pay, free IP addresses and proxies were readily available to run a simple IP spoofer. You could run multiple accounts on all sorts of sites using one of these hide your addresses on forums or even make hundred of purchases on e-commerce stores. Today that’s all changed, although there are still plenty of free proxies around if you search the vast majority of them are extremely toxic. Riddled with malware or adware they’re dangerous to use and the IP addresses are blacklisted on most major sites anyway.

For most purposes it’s not just the VPN or proxy which is important, but the actual IP address it uses for relaying your connection. You need to ensure it works for you an IP unblocker is useless if it’s listed on IP blacklists or fails an IP checker test.

What is a Proxy?

First the basics, what is a proxy server and how does it work? Answer: A proxy server is a computer system or entity that serves as an intermediary for requests from its clients, like browsers.

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When a browser sends a request to access content (for example, www.example123.com), it first goes to the proxy server and then the proxy forwards a request to the internet site which in this case would be www.example123.com. The reply is then relayed back to the proxy server which sends it back to the client. The identity of the client (i.e. you) is protected from the website by the proxy server.

A VPN performs a similar function but the connection data is also encrypted.

The History of Your IP Address

Every IP address used online has something of a history and it’s important to be aware of this. When you’re using an IP address from a proxy or a VPN whatever you do is linked to this history to some extent. So for example if your IP address has been used heavily for spam and fraud over the last twelve months, it will likely be blacklisted across large parts of the internet.

Think of new IP address as a new identity. If you wanted to change your identity in real life, would you choose the identity of a criminal or someone who has been bankrupt many times? You wouldn’t because it would cause you many more problems. This is the risk you take with using proxies whichever IP address is used becomes part of your digital profile too.

If you use a blacklisted address to log on to any account or profile there’s a risk you can damage those too, simply by association. Large sites like PayPal, eBay and most social media sites scan for these addresses and flag accounts which are accessed with them.

Logging on to well established and valuable accounts with an IP address previously used by Nigerian fraudster or a global spam company is very risky indeed.

How does a Fresh IP work?

In most technical aspects, a fresh IP address works in exactly the same way as any sort of IP address. An IP address is a number which identifies the location of an internet device on the Internet. Every computer, phone or tablet has its own unique IP address. You need access to one to communicate online, without one the web, email or the internet will be inaccessible.

As mentioned, whatever that IP address is used for online becomes part of it’s digital footprint or history. In theory a ‘fresh IP address’ will not have this history and will be used for the first time. In reality that’s actually difficult to achieve as IP addresses are used and reused all the time. Most companies refer to ‘fresh ip addresses’ are those which have been unused for a period of time.

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If an IP address is kept unused for a period of time, any history is gradually reduced from it’s records. Therefore even an address which has been abused somewhat has a fresh start ! Proxy companies who maintain ownership of large ranges of IP addresses unused are able to create blocks of safe, fresh IP addresses to offer to their customers. Obviously this has a cost so fresh proxies and IP addresses will usually come at a slight premium to their standard IPs. the better companies will even quality test addresses to make sure they’re suitable for use on different platforms.

What Do People use Fresh IPs for ?

If you’re got a valuable commodity it makes sense to pay a few buck extra for an IP address that’s clean and safe. You wouldn’t want to risk a valuable Instagram account or a 10 year trusted eBasy or Paypal account by using a dodgy IP address. Of course, it would be false to suggest that most proxies are riddled with blacklisted IPs because that’s definitely not true. However it’s all a matter of reducing risk and high value activities online are worth paying a little more to protect.

Fresh Proxies for eBay

These IP addresses are a safe choice for managing existing accounts that have been around for a while. However you should be careful using them to create large numbers of accounts. Unknown IP addresses are sometimes flagged when creating or modifying accounts. You should generally use your new fresh IP address slowly at first.

Generally keeping a fresh IP address to manage a few important accounts is wise. Just use them carefully for a weeks or so then make changes as normal.

Amazon Fresh Proxies for Amazon

This largely depends on what you want from Amazon. The biggest demand for proxies for use with Amazon is to scrape price data to populate web sites, stores and applications. These will obviously involve hundreds or even thousands of regular calls. In this case diversity is the key and using fresh proxies is normally a bit expensive for these sort of situations. You’re better off using rotating proxies and large numbers of individual IP addresses especially if scraping lots of data from Amazon.

Fresh Proxies for Paypal

An aged, trusted Paypal account is something very valuable to any of us who make our living online. Indeed if you look online you can buy and sell Paypal accounts in lots of places. People generally use proxies for creating and managing Paypal accounts. The more the account is used, the more trusted it becomes. Creating the accounts is the most difficult stage plus managing them initially.

Fresh IP addresses ensure you don’t use IP addresses which have been used in mass account creation or any fraudulent activity. However using fresh proxies with datacenter addresses probably isn’t enough to avoid the Paypal security features. Most people who create and manage these accounts use either residential proxies or those linked with 4G IP address rages on mobile proxies.

How to Warm-Up an IP Address

Having an IP address with little or no history sounds great but you do have to do some work. The very fact it has no history stops it being flagged for the bad stuff but it’s still an unknown quantity. That means that some security systems will flag the address until it’s been used a bit.

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The practice of ‘warming up’ an IP address involves using it carefully at the beginning. This helps create a normal and safe reputation for the address so it can be used for more activities later on. There is no guaranteed method for this, it generally depends on what you’re using the addresses for. For most applications it means using it for basic functionality first.

The term ‘IP warming’ means the same thing but is generally used when referring to creating new IP addresses to send lots of mails (i.e. spam – you’ll need unlimited bandwidth for this). You should warm your IP addresses up on whatever platform you’re using though.  If it’s Instagram, eBay or even Craigslist proxies take it steadily.


  • So don’t create new accounts on a platform with it initially.
  • Manage and access accounts for a few days/weeks first.
  • Slow and steady is always best irrespective of what platform you’re using.

Your ISP always knows your IP address

It’s worth mentioning this, because some people misunderstand the anonymity levels that using a proxy gives you. A proxy(or VPN) will hide your identity and location from the websites and applications you visit online. However it doesn’t hide you completely – your ISP will always know your true IP address.

For most us this isn’t that important. Using a VPN will hide your destinations from the ISP too if you want that level of privacy. A proxy offers IP spoofing, hiding your true address but it doesn’t change that address.

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