What are Dedicated Backconnect Proxies (New Guide)

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Backconnect Proxies Residential and Datacentre

When I started to install proxies on company networks during the 1990s, IP addresses were rarely much of an issue.   Certainly nobody had ever heard of dedicated, backconnect proxies either ! I’d normally get assigned a public facing IP address to connect it to the internet and maybe one or two internal addresses to provide some resilience. Indeed a proxy server was one of the few multihomed devices you’d find on most networks apart from maybe some heavy duty application servers.

Online proxies started off in the same way, most had just a couple of IP addresses at most and we all shared the same IP connection information when using them. Of course, if you’re just simply hiding your identity then this doesn’t really matter. However nowadays we use proxies for all sorts of different activities and many individuals and businesses especially when using automated tools need many IP addresses to function. This is where the problems started to occur, as sharing a single IP address with thousands of others instantly flagged your connection or accounts as one that’s using proxies.

Dedicated Backconnect Proxies

It didn’t matter that the proxy was configured to be super stealthy, if the IP address had been shared significantly that was enough. As anyone who has suddenly found their valuable Instagram accounts suddenly disabled knows, this can be a major problem. Indeed many of the IP addresses assigned to free proxies were instantly associated with mass spammers or criminal activities – your connection would be damned by association.

We Need a Dedicated Proxy with Lots of IP Addresses

Your IP address is becoming increasingly important, it’s location, registration type and even it’s history will affect your online experience.  It’s relevant whether you’re just using the IP address assigned from your ISP or one of the IPs from a proxy you’re routing through.  Your experience through a US residential IP address is going to be significantly better than if you’re using one assigned to Nigeria which was previously used to send out spam emails!

cheap residential proxies

It’s very much like a normal physical address, the better your location the easier time you’re going to have. IP addresses are becoming the same and using a bad one is a huge risk for anyone involved in any online business. It’s not hard to visualize the issue, take a Facebook or Instagram marketer who runs a few accounts. If you sign up with a cheap proxy service and start managing those accounts through a blacklisted, spammers IP address then your accounts won’t last long.

Although IP addresses all look the same, they’re definitely not !

Quality IPs through Dedicated Backconnect Proxies

Unfortunately this quickly become expensive, just like our address analogy, ‘clean’ IP addresses from certain countries cost a lot more than throwaway ones from datacentres. What’s more if you really care about anonymity and privacy or make your living online your likely to need quite a lot of them too.

The safest option is to use paid proxies with lots of reserved IP addresses in residential ranges reserved for your dedicated use only. You know the addresses are safe and you can be assured that someone is not using them to spam a social media site just before you use them. If you’ve got the budget then this is your ideal – a dedicated proxy with reserved residential IP addresses for your own use only. There are plenty of these proxies for sale but they are expensive as they tie up lots of resources for your use only.

The opposite scenario is when you use proxies and IP addresses shared between thousands of people concurrently. At a pass you could argue this is ok purely for anonymity purposes but your online experience will be slow and full of risks. Marketers with multiple accounts should be prepared to watch them get banned or suspended if you access using this method.

So the dilemma is to provide as many people as possible with dedicated use of safe, quality IP addresses through a proxy server – the solution is to use dedicated backconnect proxies.

The speed is not usually the main issue, if you get decent hardware, a fast throughput, plenty of bandwidth and know what you’re doing then this is easily solved.   The difficulty is sharing out quality IP addresses while keeping them safe and affordable.

This is where backconnect proxies come into play, they are just like standard proxy servers with one big difference. Instead of simply having an IP address or two bound to each network interface card (NIC) like a normal computer the backconnect proxy will have access to a pool of IP addresses which it can use freely.

This is the beauty of this solution every time the user makes a request it will be routed through a different IP address for processing.   Your own, actual IP address is protected and you can switch easily between different IP addresses at will.  Some of the proxies also allow to filter which type of addresses you use, so you can rotate through a pool of residential or USA only IP addresses if required to.  The proxy will ensure that no concurrent connections are made so you will not be simultaneously sharing an address with anyone.

The primary advantage though is affordability, to have all these quality IP addresses reserved for your dedicated use would cost a fortune.  By sharing automatically, these addresses can be used safely and efficiently without compromising them.

Who Would Use a Backconnect Proxy ?

These proxies are becoming increasingly popular because they offer the best of both worlds. You can have access to a large amount of high quality IP addresses without having to pay a small fortune to reserve them for your dedicated use. However they’re not for everyone, here’s an example of the sort of people/businesses who buy proxies like these.

  • Internet Marketers – if you need to have control of your IP address and it’s registration then the ability to switch out your IP address to manage accounts, perform searches or place adverts it’s essential.
  • Market Researchers – it’s almost impossible to do any meaningful research online without the ability to switch IP addresses and protect your own.
  • SEO Companies/Consultants – analysing results, searching the internet, building links or social media promotion all need access to lots of IP addresses.
  • Individuals concerned about Anonymity/Privacy – if you want to hide your location when you’re online, a proxy is certainly an option. However you really need a VPN too which will encrypt your data. If you’re not worried about managing or promotional work online then hiding your location and protecting your data is the priority. It’s much more secure and cheaper to use a rotating VPN service like Identity Cloaker to do this.

It can be confusing to pick a company as so many of them seem to offer the same things.  In the end the crucial points to consider are the quality IP address on fast, secure servers.

Here’s our recommendation for dedicated backconnect proxies and if you’re lucky they may still be running their 50% bonus on their proxies.

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