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Instagram Proxies and Bots

One thing that anyone who is successfully marketing on a social media site learns is that it very quickly becomes very time consuming.  It’s something you probably won’t notice when starting out with one account.  However, when you start expanding, you’ll soon see why companies end up with large social media teams.  What’s more many of the necessary tasks can be pretty tedious and boring too.

Fortunately, on most social platforms the majority of tasks can be automated.  There’s a host of specific tools which can accomplish these tasks on specific sites and one or two that can manage accounts across many different sites.

The problem with gaining success in most of the large social media platforms is the sheer amount of work you need to do.  All the tasks that seem quite trivial such as posting, re-posting, following, liking and basic administration tasks can take ages when your channel starts to expand.    The problem is that most of us can manage these tasks but maintaining that effort over days, weeks, months and years is much more difficult.

Unless you have a dedicated social media team (although most of them automate too) you’re going to need some software to try and manage the accounts.    One of the important requirements of growing any account is to keep them actively updated all the time.  This is why some sense of automation is essential unless you have lots of manpower available.   Finding content and posting it up can be hard enough to do on a consistent basis, never mind all the other account promotion tasks that are needed too.

Also, if you’re like most internet marketers who promote on Instagram, then you’re probably running multiple accounts too.   Sure, you could concentrate on one, but prepare yourself for that possible, terrible moment one year down the line when you’re informed your account has been terminated.  At least with several accounts, you can switch your focus quickly and keep your business going.

Instagram Marketing Free Trial


So, what’s the best automation software for Instagram?  Well, you’re likely to get a few responses from most marketers, but one program is consistently recommended.

Instagram Marketing Free Trial

It’s called Jarvee and is one of the most popular social network automation programs available. It’s only recently incorporated Instagram management but the interface and integration look to work just as well as all the other platforms. It works and indeed looks similar to the previous market leader in Instagram management tools – Mass planner, although this has now closed down.

So, what sort of Instagram management tools does Jarvee contain? Well, here’s a brief list of some of the options.

  • Manage Comments
  • Manage Messages
  • Schedule Posting
  • Reposting Content
  • Following
  • Liking
  • Research

However, the real brains behind Jarvee are the ability to finely configure almost every aspect of this automation. When you see some of the configuration options, you’ll perhaps think that it’s going overboard.  However, it’s very important for the success of your account to be able to configure this aspect, although there are always recommended defaults if you’re unsure.

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If you’re just using Jarvee with a single account, then there’s little else you’ll need.  However, if you’re managing multiple accounts then you’re also going to need proxies to go with them.  This is because like most social platforms, Instagram assumes one account for one person/organisation.  If it thinks you’re running a plethora of accounts, then it will quickly ban or block these.  To use multiple accounts, you need multiple identities and although Jarvee can manage most aspects of this for you there’s one additional resource you’ll need to use – proxies.  Anyone who is serious about Instagram should certainly check out Jarvee and their Instagram bot free trial.

The most obvious footprint of someone using multiple accounts is when they’re all coming from the same IP address. Now sure sometimes this will happen if people are using the same access point or perhaps a family all using the same internet connection at home.  However generally, Instagram accounts will be on different network addresses.  If you try and manage multiple accounts either manually or using Jarvee they’ll get removed very quickly.

The most important thing to ensure with proxies for managing your Instagram account though is that nobody else is using them for the same purpose.  Generally, there are a few ways to ensure this.  Firstly, buy specific private proxies that nobody else is using or use dedicated Instagram proxies or use a system of rotating proxies which ensure there are no concurrent connections.  You should be careful with rotating proxies though that you can configure the time of the rotation, because you don’t want your IP address to be changing every minute or two when managing your Instagram account.

This is true for all the social media platforms and if you’re using Jarvee to manage accounts on multiple platforms you can use the same proxies if you choose wisely.  The proxy requirements for all these platforms tend to vary, so it’s dangerous to suggest any specific ratio.  Of course, the safest is to have one proxy address for each account.  Traditionally Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter have been a bit easier where you can manage multiple accounts on each platform but that could change at any moment.

Currently on Instagram most people playing safe are using a maximum of two accounts to each address but often only one.   It’s something you should take great care with and ideally test carefully while using an Instagram growth service or software.

So, is using Jarvee cheating?

Well, most of the ‘professional’ marketing firms use tools like this and as always, it’s how you use the tools that is important.  You can use it in a ‘professional’ and an ‘unprofessional manner’ too and many people go down different routes.  Although the idea is that Jarvee is used to promote your account for organic Instagram growth according to the rules of each platform.

Of course, there will always be people who use it to the extreme and do things like buy real active Instagram followers instead of developing them.  The reality is that if you spam the platform or try to buy targeted Instagram followers, you’re eventually going to get caught and lose that account.  Many people though are aware of this risk and follow a ‘churn and burn’ policy – with Jarvee it’s actually very easy to do.

It’s also worth being aware that most of the social platforms including Instagram aren’t exactly fond of these tools either and are always trying to block or detect them.  However, this one of the reasons that frequent updates are so important, if you sign on to Jarvee you will see exactly how often it’s updated!   There’s a lot of effort put into this, and you’ll probably see some changes even while using your Instagram marketing free trial for the five days!

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