How to Make Money with Proxies – Better Than Being a Proxy Reseller !

Don’t Waste Time Selling Them – Make Money with Proxies Instead !

So ok you can make money selling proxies directly. Indeed many companies make a great deal of money doing just that. However it’s not easy, you’ll need infrastructure, technical knowledge and unlimited patience to deal with the unrealistic ‘get rich quick’ attitudes of some of your clients. What’s worse is these very customers will abuse your proxies and IP addresses whilst simultaneously complaining about the same thing !

Leave the proxy reseller and the server market to others, there’s many more pathways to making money by simply using the product yourself !

Development of the Simple Web Proxy Server

It was in the late 90’s that I first came into contact with proxy servers primarily as gateways to the web. Internet access was slowly being adopted by the larger and innovative companies who were still wary of the potential risks as well as the advantages. For the IT departments they were either another source of technical interest (or another bloody server to look after) depending on your viewpoint.

Proxy Knowledge is Crucial

There’s no doubt thought that the technology although incredibly useful could also be rather difficult to use. The very first text book I read on the subject was – Web Proxy Servers by Ari Luotonen which amazingly people still read today some 35 years after it was first published. Yet worryingly it was also quite easy to setup a functioning proxy server even then but much more difficult to do it securely and safely !

Proxies and VPNs have changed hugely over the last decade or so but the fundamentals haven’t changed that much. However there are still more badly set up proxy servers than good ones though ! The best proxy engineers have many years experience in setting up proxy server networks. This is invaluable in creating a fast, secure network of proxies which are needed for all the different tasks that proxies are required to perform.

ipburger proxy plans

Without access to someone with experience in setting up and running proxies in all sorts of environments you’d be best to avoid the proxy market from a selling point of view. Sure you can become one of the many resellers, but technical knowledge here is still hugely important.

Honestly it’s way easier to make money using proxies rather then selling them !

An Expanding and Innovative Proxy Server Market

You might be amazed to see the number of proxy and VPN services available online.  I mean, sure they’re great for keeping your connection and data private but when you see the range and types of proxies available you might suspect that they are used for other purposes too. Well they are, proxies are actually indispensable for a huge variety of different online tasks many of them involving making money. There are all sorts of methods, but here’s a few ways you can make money with proxies from anywhere.

Before you consider their possible uses, it’s right to assess the capabilities of proxy servers. Not only do they provide a level of privacy and anonymity, they also offer the facility to create and operate multiple digital identities. Any action or task that can potentially restricted or throttled can potentially be circumvented using proxies. So if you identify limited availability or access in any online situation then a decent proxy setup can probably help you profit from it. making money with proxies

Proxy Servers are Not Illegal !

Of course, proxies also have a certain reputation regarding the legitimacy of their uses. Much of it is justified, certainly proxies are extensively used by all sorts of cyber criminals primarily for the anonymity aspect. However there’s lots of perfectly legitimate money making opportunities even if some of them are considered a little on the shady side.

We’re always hearing about proxies being used on high tech crime drama and criminal investigation programmes on TV. It’s absolutely true that you have no chance whatsoever of any privacy online without using a proxy or VPN server but that doesn’t make their use a crime. Virtually every large organisation I have worked for in the last thirty years in IT has had at least one proxy server. Further more most of these companies have installed VPN clients on all their laptops and desktops too as further protection.

Hiding your Identity Online is not a Crime

In fact it’s extremely sensible and one of the few ways to protect yourself and your data. It’s true that proxies are used by people who abuse this anonymity to do things like flood the internet with spam.  Remember using proxies, VPNs or changing your IP address is not illegal ! Just like the telephone the proxy is used for all sorts of activities. However the telephone is abused similarly by people like telemarketers and no-one worries about using a mobile or telephone.

The crime will never be using the proxy itself unless you live in some sort of totalitarian country like North Korea where it actually is !

Anyone Can Make Money with Proxies

Here’s some of the more popular areas, but for everyone there’s a myriad of opportunities similar or linked to these. Use your imagination, keep your eyes open and you’ll probably think of lots more.

Buying Proxies for Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence is a process of data-gathering and analysis that helps salespeople and marketers make better decisions about their products, services, and customers. This valuable information can be used to improve customer relationships, increase sales productivity, and develop more effective marketing campaigns.

One of the best ways to get started with sales intelligence is by buying proxies. Proxies are IP addresses that are used to access the internet from different locations. They allow you to browse websites as if you were in a different part of the world. This can be useful for getting around website blocks or for accessing restricted content.

When it comes to sales intelligence, proxies can be used in several different ways:

  • Potential Customers List– To gather data about potential customers – By using proxies, you can access websites that are not available in your region. This gives you a broader view of the competitive landscape and allows you to gather information about potential customers that would otherwise be unavailable.
  • Research More Competitor products -Proxies let you see what competitor products look like from a global perspective. This gives you an edge when developing your own product strategy.
  • Verify Email and Internet Addresses – Email verification is an important part of sales intelligence work. By verifying email addresses, you can ensure that you are contacting the right people and that your messages are not being blocked.
  • Customer Behaviour – Click Rate, Form Services etc – Proxies can be used to track customer behaviour on websites. This information can be used to improve website design and to develop more effective marketing campaigns.

When it comes to sales intelligence, proxies are an essential tool for getting the most out of your data. By using proxies, you can access restricted content, research competitor products, and verify email addresses. In addition, proxies allow you to gather data about customer behaviour which can be used to improve your business operations.

Social Media Campaigns – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

There’s hundred of sub-methods using social media platforms like these with proxies. Basically using proxies allows you to push the boundaries of the -terms of use of any social platforms. Many marketers run hundreds of accounts and promote and sell products, services for profit on them. Proxies also allow you to use aggressive promotion techniques including automated software like Jarvee which can establish accounts very quickly indeed.

Basically all these platforms rely heavily on IP addresses to monitor and track any abuse of their systems. Using proxies allow you to circumvent these detection systems and operate and promote freely using different IP addresses. Indeed none of the automated promotional software will work at all without decent proxies to function. There’s no doubt that these methods take some skill and knowledge as well as just using proxies but the potential earnings are very substantial.  Proxies help you create the opportunities increase popularity, followers and likes etc these can then be monetized in a variety of different ways.


Another slightly dodgy technique involves using proxies to target tickets for popular events. This is a huge industry and several multi million pound businesses have been created just utilizing this model. It’s of course frowned on by many who view ticket scalpers as pushing up the prices and reducing availability for true music, sports fans. Whatever your opinion of this, you can of course reduce this model to it’s basic economic fundamentals – the principle of scarcity.

ticket proxies

It only works on very popular events, however there are plenty of these. Using software like these Ticketbots you can use proxies to bypass the per customer limits and buy lots of these tickets from the various ticketing firms. For any event actually in demand it’s usually a trivial task to sell them at a substantial profit on the resell market. There are even lots of different sites which help you do this, quickly, easily and without risk. As for the moral aspect, well that’s for the individual to contemplate. There’s no doubt that you can make many thousands doing this form your home PC with the right software and of course decent Ticket or Ticketmaster proxies.

If you’re a little worried about the moral outrage and indignation from the suppliers side then it might be worth reading this short article. It describes a court case where it’s alleged that one of the biggest companies – Ticketmaster is actively participating in this resale market despite it’s protestations. I’m afraid the indignation of individual sports and music fans at having to pay huge prices though is probably justified!

Sneakers/ Get Your Kicks

In essence this is a very similar concept to the Ticketing method. You buy up scarce sneakers or sports items and then resell them at a profit after release. Surprisingly this is also a huge market and one that can span the globe. Again there is lots of software called sneaker Bots designed to bypass each companies sales restrictions. Like the tickets most of the very popular items are released and sell out very quickly, a Bot can help manage the purchase process and manage multiple identities and locations. Another name for these Bots are – add to cart or ATC Bots, the proxies which enable them are ever bit as specialized too.

Even casual sneakerheads who buy and sell only the most in demand items can make $1000 a month with very little effort. Those who have perfected all the techniques and software will make many multiples of this. Again there is an element of knowledge required both technical and what products to target, yet there’s lots of online communities who discuss and detail these methods too.

The sneaker proxy is again at the heart of this process as each individual connection must be from a valid and legitimate IP address.  They’re usually loaded with high quality addresses not used before – usually known as fresh proxies.   If you load up a BOT with free proxies or cheap ones run from a Russian datacenter you will not succeed and worse will get accounts/payment cards blacklisted on the sites too.

Using Proxies to Sell More and Make More Cash !

You might think that you don’t actually need proxies to sell stuff on sites like eBay and Craigslist but that’s not completely true. Certainly you can usually run a sellers account from a single connection without issue. However what if you want to expand or reach into different market – it’s more efficient and safer to operate multiple accounts.

Access More Accounts on eBay

Selling on eBay with proxies is definitely worth doing. Using decent proxies you can run multiple accounts from a single IP address.  This is the same as having multiple eBay sellers accounts, you will get more sales if you have different accounts for different products or regions of the country.  You can also use multiple accounts to sell the same product in different price ranges, for example you could have one account selling at $9.99 and another for $19. Even if you just use these accounts tor run tests or promotion it’s easy to see how you can boost your profits.

Proxy Use on Craigslist

Craigslist is a great place to sell goods and service online but it has a huge restriction. You can only use it in your current location, it’s meant to be a local sales board and that means your market depends on where you are based. However proxies bypass this restriction as long as you make sure the IP addresses are located in different places. Not many proxy providers supply this functionality but a few specialise in craigslist proxies for this proxy

You can then sell directly on lots of different individual Craigslist boards – works especially well with services and digital products.

SEO Service for More Clicks

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is basically the science (or maybe the art!) of optimizing your web pages to bring more traffic from the search engines. Getting highly ranked on Google for a competitive search term can literally make you rich overnight! However it’s not easy and many of the signals that the search engines look for involve links to site, visitor behaviour and other outside influences.

Waiting for links or hoping people spend a long time on your website is obviously difficult to control directly. Also checking out other websites, views and even checking your search rankings is difficult to with a single internet connections and IP address. Which is why there is a slightly shadier side to SEO (often referred to a s Black or Grey Hat SEO) which involves attempting to ‘game’ these signals directly.

SEO Tools Need Proxies

There are hundreds of SEO tools which people use to impersonate visitors, scrape for ranking content or create thousand of inbound links to boost their search rankings. However if you try and run any of these from a single IP address then they simply won’t work. People use proxies to run these tools under different IP addresses in order to automate the process. If you create too many links from a single address it will be blacklisted by the target site fairly quickly.

List More Services and Options for Making Money

So there it is, just a few options to turn those proxies into a money making operation. There are many, many more if you start researching. Look at terms like data aggregation for other inspiration or tools like Scrapebox which have hundreds of uses when combined with decent fast proxies. The fact is that if you discover a single method or tool which you can make any money with then proxies can help you scale that list.

You’ll read much on this site about the importance of using residential proxies, those with genuine residential IP addresses. Now there’s no doubt that they provide the greatest level of privacy and anonymity but many tasks still can be accomplished using cheaper datacenter proxies too, the key is to research your targets before investing. One of the easiest ways to do this is to actually speak to the various proxy service providers, most of the decent ones are very helpful in this regard.

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