Why You Should Use Mobile Proxies for Instagram in 2023

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Instagram Mobile Proxies 

This post explains why in 2023 you should seriously consider using mobile proxies for automating tasks and managing multiple accounts on Instagram.   These proxies have become increasingly affordable and there are now a few suppliers who can supply them.  The crucial point in using mobile proxies on most social media accounts is that it exactly mirrors how real people use these platforms through their mobile phones.

Many Instagram users have had some extremely bad news this year.  I am not talking about the ordinary users, who post sunsets, pictures of their lunch or every time they visit the gym.  More those who have started to use Instagram to make money, from full scale marketers to those who have just started to realized the potential of the site.      It’s actually a great place to make money, all you need is a decent amount of followers and you’ve got the basis of an online business.  After all have you ever wondered how these twenty somethings seem to travel all over the planet taking pictures without the need for a real job? 

Running and managing a popular Instagram account is a job and a very good one at that.   There’s loads of opportunities to profit from advertising, to product recommendations and even direct sales.   I know someone who made about ten thousand dollars in commission from recommending a fancy camera, a simple affiliate link to Amazon and that’s all it took. mobile proxies for Instagram

Unfortunately, building up a profitable Instagram account using normal methods is extremely difficult and each year the competition grows.  Which is why now many people look at Instagram as a business opportunity instead of a place to share photos.  There are lots of methods you can use to create popular and profitable Instagram accounts quickly using tools and techniques. 

So why the bad news?  Well unfortunately Instagram aren’t entirely impressed with it becoming a money making platform.  At least not for other people.   They’d rather just have millions of people posting up content and building up their site just for the erm, joy of sharing their photos.  So anyone who’s running multiple accounts, or using software to help promote them like Jarvee or Followliker is at risk of getting banned.  

Literally thousands of accounts are being deleted or suspended every day. It might be someone using a tool to help run their site or just for running a few different accounts, which many of us do to create different themes. The news release from Instagram suggested it was just going to remove inauthentic likes, follows and comments but in reality it’s actually being much more aggressive than that.

Starting today, we will begin removing inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity. We’ve built machine learning tools to help identify accounts that use these services and remove the inauthentic activity. This type of behavior is bad for the community, and third-party apps that generate inauthentic likes, follows and comments violate our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.


Instagram Press Release, November 2018

So How to Elude Using an Instagram Proxy !

One of the primary ways that Instagram is detecting this inauthentic behaviour is through the network addresses of the accounts.  So if you’ve got Jarvee set up to promote your account on your PC at home it will by default all be done from the same IP address.  If you’re managing dozens of accounts, that looks pretty inauthentic and so is easy for Instagram to detect.

Of course marketers with a little bit of sense, tend to use proxies for Instagram promotion which allows them to use multiple IP addresses.  Most of the decent promotional software will support the use of proxies and will rotate through them automatically.  This worked, well for a while, but the proxy detection systems are becoming more and more advanced.  Instagram developed much more sophisticated ways of detecting these proxies including datacentre IPs, looking at locations and classification of the addresses. 

Basically now if you try anything like running duplicate accounts or any promotional software by using standard proxies running with IP addresses registered to a datacentre somewhere then you’ll be detected.  In fact finding IP addresses that can’t be detected and allow you to use Instagram under the radar are actually hard to find.

Residential addresses work, those which are registered to home users and which look extremely authentic.  However these are hard to obtain and can be extremely expensive, and it’s no point sharing these to bring the cost down.   Instagram will soon detect that a bunch of accounts are being promoted and managed by the same addresses at the same time.  If you pay for dedicated residential proxies you should be fine as long as you’re careful but these can be super costly ! 

Mobile Proxies for Instagram

The trick however for accessing any site with multiple accounts is to look as natural and ordinary as possible.  You need to blend in your accounts so that they look like individuals.  You can use residential proxies for Instagram as mentioned, but consider if this is how an ‘average’ Instagram user would connect.   The reality is that most people post and interact while using their mobile phones.  Although some would have residential IP addresses (via Wi-Fi connections from home and work).  The majority would probably be connecting via mobile gateways through their phone’s data plans.  

So the better solution and one that’s becoming more affordable is by using a mobile proxy for Instagram.  That is proxy servers which use mobile addresses, the ranges commonly assigned to our Smart phones for browsing the internet and sending emails. 

The advantage of these is that they are highly anonymous, change all the time (but naturally) and are virtually impossible to track.  You can read more about mobile proxies here, but there’s no doubt that currently they’re the most secure and anonymous addresses available to most of us.  Some of the best proxy providers are investing heavily in this technology as it looks the safest long term option for promotion techniques.

Indeed for marketers and privacy seekers then a mobile proxy is probably the best tool you can use for keeping a low profile with social networks and search engines.   The reason is that although mobile IP operates using the internet protocol, the addresses are assigned in a different way.   Mobile users move around a lot and so they can’t be assigned IP addresses to keep in the same way.  It also means that it’s also impossible to map an IP address to a specific network device.

Mobile IP addresses working with the internet protocol have two issues based on actual mobility which means the traditional model doesn’t work effectively –

  • If a mobile node  moves without switching it’s IP address then it will lose routing.
  • If a mobile node changes it’s IP address it will end up disconnecting all connections.

Neither scenario, is really practical considering that people are constantly travelling and using their mobile phones.  So to solve these issues another system has been developed which is known as mobile IP.  The key difference is that it actually allows mobile nodes like phones to use two different IP addresses. One is a fixed home address and the second is care-of-address which will change with every new point of attachment.

Using this mobile IP address system basically allows mobile devices to roam freely while using the internet, while using the same home address.  This means that that network connections are not disconnected every time you move from one node to another. 

The Best Proxies are Mobile Ones

This technology is exactly why mobile IP addresses are the safest for people to use if they want to keep their digital identities separate. It’s relatively easy to determine the origin of most IP addresses as they are registered and assigned on an individual basis.   Mobile IP addresses don’t work that way and if they started to block or filter IP addresses from mobile ranges lots of people could be affected.  Certainly if you have access to genuine private residential proxies for promoting Instagram account they’ll still work but the cost can be very high indeed.

So if you’re using a tool like Jarvee, or similar marketing or promotional software.  Or if you’re trying to run and manage a few Instagram accounts for different businesses or to market products or services online then mobile proxies might be a good option.  They’re not as cheap as datacentre proxies obviously, although there’s little value to those in managing social platforms now as they are normally ‘red flagged’ pretty quickly.  Even the best private proxies will be ineffective if they’re loaded with only commercial IP ranges.  For Instagram,  especially if you’re looking for a proxy for Instagram bot promotion then most of the professionals have long stopped buying huge numbers of IP addresses.

Remember you really don’t need the same volume of mobile IP addresses as the one-to-one model doesn’t apply.  Most people seem to be able to manage on a ratio of 10-15 accounts to a single mobile IP address with little issues.  

There are obviously not that many mobile IP operators as it’s not that easy to set up the mobile infrastructure.  However of these the oldest, established company is Luminati.  They have a short trial so you can try them out, make sure you check out the control panel as they’re lots of configuration options which can make them cheaper to use (look at the fallback rules to use different types of IP address).

They’re not the cheapest Instagram proxies but they are much, much safer to use and you can run lots more accounts from each address.   Dedicated private proxies still work but they have to have residential IP address ranges which make them difficult to obtain (and very expensive)

Using mobile proxies sounds complicated however for the end user there’s no real difference in configuration.  The key difference is simply that they use IP addresses allocated from a mobile range.  If you look at the waterfall feature in Luminati, you can actually get your proxies to try different types in order, i.e. they’ll use the cheapest type first and fallback only if there are connection problems. 

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