How to Get Multiple Bank Accounts Online for Sneakers, Tickets etc

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How to Get Proxies and Bank Accounts for Shoes, Tickets etc

A lot of this site is devoted to wealth creation by using multiple identities online.  Those normal web users are limited to their single digital identity and geo-locked IP address.  They’re blocked and filtered from lots of the best online money making opportunities simply because of where they live.  Proxies unlock this potential, opening up great US and European markets to anyone wherever they happen to live.   The best and most effective proxies also use residential IP addresses like this to be completely hidden.

However the next hurdle for many opportunities is a financial one ! Of course, you can buy potentially buy dozens of the hottest sneakers with your cool proxy set up and super fast Bots  –

but paying for  them with a single credit card unfortunately won’t work! 

Our multiple digital identities unfortunately need multiple financial accounts too, otherwise you’ll just be tracked and blocked with an alternative metric. You might think that it’s almost impossible to grab loads of different credit cards registered in different places. Yet in our online world there’s an increasing number of options for paying for things anonymously.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Which is in essence what you’re trying to do, maintaining your anonymity (or privacy if you prefer) whilst being able to buy stuff online. Whether it’s for an advert or a pair of sneakers, or even tickets to a must see concert, the financial side is often perceived as the really complex part. But don’t let this stop you from making a profit online!  Most of us who own Bots like these have managed to get lots of payment methods sorted fairly easily and you can too. In reality it’s not that hard and there are as previously mentioned there are new options appearing all the time.

How to get Multiple Bank Accounts or Credit Cards

Whether it’s banks accounts, debit cards, credit cards or online options the key to expanding online is often to have multiple ways to pay. The difficult part is that often these have to be linked to your home address, of which most of us only have one. Yet the modern age has given us quite a few different ways to obtain the digital equivalent of unmarked cash.

Prepaid Credit Cards

Now depending on where you live, these can be fairly easy to obtain. In the true sense of the word they’re not really credit cards as you have to load the funds onto them before you start spending. However because no credit is involved they’re no complicated address and identity checks with them either. In fact in many countries, you can buy them and load them with cash in convenience stores, supermarkets and drug stores. Many are available online, and most of them don’t involve any credit checks (although this is worth checking first).

As soon as your funds are on the card you can use them, they’re very similar to pre-loaded debit cards or gift tokens at this point. For many purposes this is ideal, usually the name and zip/post code is used to verify addresses. However for many online activities to link them with multiple identities it’s better to take them home and register them. Normally done online, you can associate any address (or address variant with them). The other important fact is that when the cards are registered ‘they appear’ identical to any other credit card. Which is important for online sites and e-commerce stores which don’t like pre-paid cards.

The card you get in the stores is normally a cheap disposable one and you’re proper card will be sent when registering (so you must have access to the address you registered it to). It’s normally fully functional at this point and you can reload and even use it at the ATM. It’s a great place to start if you want a few forms of payment not linked to each other. These pre-paid cards are used by many who buy and sell limited availability sneaker, tickets and sportswear online from sites like Supreme.

The choice varies depending on your location but popular pre-paid cards are available from Netspend, Univision and American Express.

Online Payment Methods

there’s quite a few of these which you can register for but be aware that many online retailers don’t accept them. Nevertheless they’re a great opportunity to expand you payment options by using sites like Paypal.

Here’s a few more online payment options to check out –

Virtual Payment/Wallet/Debit Card Options

There is some overlap between all these sections, but there are some innovative new suppliers which offer a significant boost in privacy.  One of the  most interesting especially for those of us who need multiple digital and financial identities is called  This is a virtual debit card linked to Visa which works with most major bank accounts.  It’s a prepaid account and so you must maintain a balance before using it to pay.    The limits are lowish initially but with use you can extend these levels for established accounts.

The best bit about this service is that you can actually assign a number of names and addresses for each charge.  Which means that you can create virtual cards with different numbers, names and addresses for payment.  These cards can be created in two main forms –

    • Single Merchant – locked to the initial vendor, then can only be used at their same site.   Perfect for sneaker heads who want payment options at the different footlocker sites.
    • Burner Cards – single use virtual cards which can only be used once. Privacy destroy these virtual cards after they’ve been used for payment. You can create lots of these and they’ll disappear after being used.  Obviously this greatly reduces the fraud risk too.

Other providers of similar accounts are available from major financial providers.  Paypal have virtual credit cards and many traditional providers are offering similar cards.  Capital One have a credit account called Eno which allows you to create a number of different virtual credit cards which can be discarded as required.  Bank of America have something similar and new offerings of virtual payment options appear all the time.

If you want other ideas then check out Netspend, Entropay which have virtual accounts with lots of flexible payment options.  Any of these can be used to create a large number of distinct payment options for whatever your requirements.  What’s more you don;t need a Swiss banking consultant to arrange these or a huge amount of funds to finance them.



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