Best Nike Proxies That Actually Work

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Best Nike and Sneaker Proxies

Everyone seems to sell them, but the list of better Nike Proxies that actually work is getting smaller.  Firstly forget those datacenter proxies, sure they’re cheap and fast but unfortunately they also don’t work with most Nike releases.  It’s even more crucial if you’re using software using the wrong proxies for Nike Bot for example is a huge waste of money.

Indeed, Nike is the latest firm to up their game with regards Bot’s proxies and duplicate accounts.  A few years ago you could run a load of Nike accounts from your home PC with no need for proxies.  Alas those days are gone and although they’re not quite as brutal as Supreme, Nike now ban loads of people especially when running connections from the same IP address ranges.  You need Nike Proxies that work to succeed, so read on.

Obviously if you are running any sort of sneaker bot like NIKE BOT, Ghost SNKRS Bot or the Better Nike Bot then you probably know that you must run proxies.  There’s absolutely no point investing in these automated programs if you don’t.

Nike Proxies are simply standard proxy servers designed specifically for accessing the servers with alternate identities to make multiple purchases.  They are usually physically located near the e-Commerce servers and have IP address ranges which have full access to the Nike sites.  

Nike is of course one of the best brands to target for resellers with lots of sneakers that will almost always make a decent profit.  If you’re not sure about what to buy then check out the following Nike sneaker recommendations –

  • Nike Air Jordan 1 retro ( anything related really)
  • Nike Air Jordan collaborations
  • Nike Air Max 1
  • Nike Kobe Black Mamba Series
  • Nike Jordan – Retro OG Series

There’s obviously lots more but in 2019/2020 these Nike styles are safe ones to target for resale profit.  Times, tastes and styles change however, it’s unlikely these will ever be short on demand.   IN fact many big resellers are stockpiling many of these styles and taking them off the market deliberately to boost their resale values.

Mind you without decent proxies you won’t win any drops!  You’ll be subject to the depressing ‘access denied’ error message when you (or your Bot) tries to access any page on the Nike site. It looks like a computer error but it’s Nike banning your IP address from their site !

Nike Proxies with Access Denied Errors

Which Nike Proxies Actually Work ?

In 2023 there’s only a couple of real options for proxies that will actually work well when trying to cop from the Nike sneaker sites.  This applies to both the Nike US and Nike UK sites, although it should be said that the UK site is often less strict.

Top Tip – Nike UK allows you to pay with a US billing address as long as you ship to the UK.  Gives you a few more options for paying if you have the right setup.   

Most resellers, at least the successful ones are now using almost exclusively residential proxies.  That is proxy servers which are loaded with residential IP addresses.  You’ll still find people claiming that top quality datacentre IP address ranges will work just as well but it’s not this author’s experience!

Choosing which residential proxy provider to use actually makes life a little easier as there’s not that many genuine ones.  Firstly ensure that you are buying residential proxies and not those packaged with some other name. Private dedicated,  rotating, backconnect proxies etc are all proxy technologies but they don’t guarantee residential IP addresses.

Quick Summary – Best Residential Nike Proxies (and for those who only do manual!)

Here’s a couple of good options who supply quality residential proxies that work with Nike sites.

Storm Proxies – have been around for years and have built up a dedicated residential network. Check them out under their rotating proxy category – sneaker sites residential proxies. Unfortunately US only so don’t use these for Nike UK as this will probably cause issues.

RotatingProxies – you don’t always hear a lot about these guys but they’re very professional and supply top quality residential proxies that work great with most sneaker sites.  Again though Us only so just use with Nike US and any of the other US sneaker sites.

The last option is in fact probably one of the best, however it’s more expensive than the previous two.  If you’re planning large scale and have some money to invest in your sneaker enterprise – this is what many of the pros use.

Bright Data Proxies – when you have a network of 40 million residential IP addresses, subnet bans are pretty much unheard of.  Bright Data have a huge range of residential IPs spread all over the US and the world.  If you’re targeting Nike UK or the European outlets as well as the USA then this company can cover all your needs. Bright Data residential proxies are perhaps the ultimate Nike proxies but they do come at a price,

There are a few others who are well recommended but I’ve never felt the need to try these out.  The situations are always changing though and a proxy company’s IP addresses can become worthless as decent atc proxies very quickly.

A sensible tactic is to follow what other people are using and look out for recommendations.  Look out for information on choosing Nike Snkrs proxies on the  Twitter lists – start out with places like Sole Links (@solelinks) and Sneaker Shouts (@sneakershouts).  You should be following accounts like this for drop alerts and news anyway.


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