Residential IPs for Surveys

There are of course many ways to make money online and you’ve probably seen all sorts of grandiose schemes that promise easy money.  The reality is that most people don’t actually succeed in making a dime despite spending lots of time and cash on trying to realise their dreams.  One of the biggest barriers is actually making anything, it might seem simplistic but making that first few dollars is a significant barrier.  Nobody goes from nothing to a millionaire lifestyle in real life apart from the few lucky Lotto winners, and it’s exactly the same online.  However finding a simple way to make a few dollars regularly can give people the belief that more is possible.

So it’s sensible to start small and be realistic, and there are actually lots of ways of making a few bucks quite easily.   One of the easiest ways to get started is to get involved in the many market research options online – commonly called survey sites.  These are branded websites which pay for people to complete online surveys to gain valuable market information.  It’s typically like the old market research people you used to see on the streets with a clip board.  However firms have realised that it’s much cheaper and effective to conduct this all online, they can even pay small amounts in exchange for your opinion.

There are many of these sites in all sorts of areas, but it’s best to stick with some of the bigger trusted companies.  Investigate yourself but a good place to start are companies like Swagbucks, Toluna and OnePoll where you’ll find lots of companies requiring surveys to be completed in exchange for cash, gifts or discounts. Obviously if you want to generate an income then look for the cash rewards but there are some interesting discount opportunities too. One of the key skills to making money off the internet is to be flexible and adaptable, a huge discount on a product can be turned into a profit if you’re able to resell easily.

Now you won’t get rich filling in surveys but the key to making decent money is to be efficient and do it effectively. Completing the odd survey every now and again is pointless, first you won’t generate enough money secondly most of the survey companies have minimum payment thresholds which you need to pass to cash out. If you do it properly then there is decent money to be made especially if you live in a country where the cost of living is lower.

Residential IPs for Surveys

There is a difficulty though, particularly if you’re thinking of trying this from certain countries. These surveys provide valuable marketing information for companies so it’s important you answer accurately. However most of them are targeting specific markets so you have to be in the right demographic to fill them in. North American companies are not much interested in the views of people from India or Russia simply because they’re never likely to be their customers. So the survey companies will often only want people from the right areas to fill them in. Which can be fine depending on your location, or cut you out of this revenue model completely.

What’s more one problem is that you’re only able to take most surveys once, which is very restrictive for the best ones. Even if you have lots of people in the house who are able to answer differently it’s generally one survey per household.

Both these limitations can be solved though by using a concept that’s universally useful in almost all online money making activities – multiple digital identities. It’s basically the ability to extend and scale any profitable activity across the internet bypassing the many, many blocks and limitations you’ll find using one solitary geo-locked identity. So perhaps an entrepreneur from India can actually make money by having a dozen US digital identities and few European ones too. The key to enabling this model is the ability to switch IP addresses both locally and internationally.

Nearly every block and filter on your digital identity is based on your IP address. So having the ability to hide or spoof this address increases the possibility of making money (like completing multiple surveys) much easier. Being able to control the location and type of multiple IP addresses is crucial. So completing the US surveys needs multiple US IP addresses to bypass the one per address limit. Also there is another vital component – you must use a residential IP address for any of this to work.

How to Get Residential IP Address Proxies

Every IP address has a classification and the most valuable ones to have online are classed as residential. This is because residential IP addresses are allocated to normal home and mobile connections. So many sites filter for these addresses allowing them to buy goods, place adverts or indeed complete surveys. Commercial addresses which are readily available in huge numbers from standard VPNs and proxies are not much use for these tasks as they’ll almost always be blocked. So having a host of US or European residential IP addresses at your disposal enhances your options by a huge amount.

Technically it’s very simple to hide your real IP address and switch to another one – you just need to use proxies. By bouncing your connection through an intermediate server like this, the web site you’re visiting only sees the address of the proxy not your real one. So if the proxy uses a San Francisco residential address then that’s where you’ll appear to be from too. Unfortunately obtaining residential IP addresses can be difficult and takes connections, resources and knowledge. There are not many residential proxy reseller places about and even fewer that offer genuine residential addresses that you can use for most purposes.

Here’s a great residential proxy provider that work for surveys and e-commerce transactions too –


The problem with most residential proxy providers is the IP addresses, they’re often not genuine.  Residential proxies cost more because the addresses are much harder to obtain but without them many online money making activities don’t work.  Too many companies either completely or partially replace these addresses with commercial ones registered in datacentres. Storm Proxies have one of the largest genuine residential IP networks with a decent infrastructure to support them.

What’s more they don’t rely on P2P for their addresses either, which means you can actually have a proper static address.

You can specify which location (country or even city) where to route your connection through, or just let it rotate randomly.  Importantly for completing surveys you can also allow the residential IP address to rotate with each new HTTP request or create a sticky session to keep the same IP address.  For longer surveys make sure you ‘make your IP address’ sticky while you complete the survey then switch after.  You don’t need anything expensive for surveys, so don’t waste your money on a dedicated residential IP it’s not needed.

If you have problems finding cheap residential proxies, it might be worth investing in mobile IP addresses instead.  They are generally more expensive due to the data charges but for completing surveys the bandwidth charges will be less, so it might be worth it.  I generally use residential IPs for surveys but I know many people who prefer mobile addresses.  There’s one decent choice for these – Luminati  (who also provide residential addresses too).   Have fun and make some money !!




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