Residential Sneaker Proxies – Which are Best ?

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Best Sneaker and Footsite Proxies

When I first started to make some cash in the sneaker market the hardest bit was definitely trying to find different ways to pay.  After all when you’re talking bank accounts and credit cards, you’re usually talking mainstream finance where it’s not as easy to cut corners.   However that’s changed a lot and there are so many more options now that credits gone digital too.  If you are struggling with this option and you’re still trying to persuade every one you know (including Grandma) to use their credit card,  then may I suggest this post as an introduction.

Fastest Residential Sneaker Proxies

Nope finding different payment options is nowhere near so hard now, thanks to pre-paid cards, virtual ones and firms like Privacy.  We can now worry about the one constant in the sneakerhead discussion forums which of course is proxies !  Without proxies we’re all stuck at the amateur level, because we’re restricted by a single digital identity.  There’s no point investing in a multithreaded bot if you have to run it from one IP address, that super, secure multi-login software will suffer the same failure too.  The IP address is your unique identifier online and if you’ve only got one of them then you’re never going to crack the sneaker market.

Rotating Sneaker Proxies

Proxies used to give you access to handful of extra addresses, but now the new rotating backconnect proxies give you access to thousands whenever you need them.  So with some additional tools you can create an army of stylish, sneaker mad youngsters from your desktop ready to start buying at the next Nike or Supreme release.   Yet although in the eyes of TCP/IP one IP address is pretty much equal to any other, in the world of E-commerce this isn’t the case.   There are many IP addresses which have a huge red flag attached to them when trying to buy online.  Use these sorts of addresses and you’re finished before you get started.

Residential Sneaker Proxies

The IP addresses you need to use must give a particular impression when you connect to an sneaker site.  You certainly don’t want it to originate from a vast datacentre or a corporate network.  The ideal is to appear to be  from a residential address located in your target market location.

So yes, if you try and buy dozens of sneakers from IP addresses registered to a datacentre in downtown Moscow, then you’re going to fail spectacularly.  The problem is that although these network addresses look exactly the same, they’re not and every one tells a story of the location of it’s user.

Your aim is to look like an ordinary home user who is accessing the site from a single residential IP address hoping to grab a pair of the latest sneaker releases.  Of course what you’re actually trying to be is many different versions of this user all completely independent of each other!   This is how to succeed and drop big on all the latest releases.

Residential Sneaker Proxies – What the Pro’s Use

So, it’s easy to say just use residential proxies it’s much the safest option.   Yet as we all know they’re a lot more expensive than standard datacentre ones.  For those of us who are just trying to make a profit, minimizing expenses is obviously an important factor.   In an ideal world where every drop brings a huge profit and nothing ever bricks then it would be no big deal to sign up for a monthly residential package from Bright Data.

Indeed most of the really successful players do just that, but it’s a big monthly expense at any scale.  Luminati have reduced the minimum spend for residential addresses which makes it more accessible but it’s still a significant amount.

best private proxies to make cash

So an important question is which sites do you HAVE to use residential proxies on?  Well again, there’s no definitive answer and it can change very quickly but I’d assess the latest state of play is something like this –

  • Nike – Residential Only
  • Adidas – Residential Only
  • Shopify (scheduled releases) – Datacenter/Residential
  • Shopify (random releases) – Residential
  • Supreme – Residential Only

Now that’s a huge change from even twelve months ago, where datacentre proxies were often fine within certain limits.   Now we’re increasingly finding even for small amounts, a residential proxy is the only way to score any drops at all.

You can sometimes get lucky even on the ‘residential only’  sites listed, simply because often the requirements seem to be relaxed on certain releases.  However this generally only happens on the less interesting stuff and hyped releases nearly always stick to the above restrictions.

Other Foot site Proxies

Again if life wasn’t complicated enough, which proxies work for each drop seems to vary a lot as well.  As mentioned Luminati always seems to work well for nearly all drops and suppliers.  This is largely due to the huge scale of their residential proxy network. There doesn’t really seem to be the same need to split them into Adidas Proxies and Supreme Proxies when you’re pulling in addresses from a 40 million plus network.

So many people just stick with Luminati for this reason, one option if you’re not ready to scale to this level is to try and start a little consortium and share a subscription.  Pooling resources, and therefore mitigating risks is a smart move if you know people who you can  trust.  Don’t worry about Luminati’s KYC (know your customer)  it’s a very straight forward identification routine designed to thwart anonymous abuse of their network.  They’re more than happy for you to use the proxies to grab sneakers, in fact they’re probably some of their top customers.

There are other options though which are cheaper and often work just as well.  The key is to get to know a supplier and make sure they know what you’re using the proxies for.

Here are a couple of other companies who are able to supply Ticketmaster proxies too both are worth checking out –

Storm Proxies – one of the oldest proxy providers certainly within the residential IP sector.  They have lots of plans based on their residential backconnect proxies which can work very well.  Storm own all the hardware that their IP addresses are relayed from and probably have the largest network of this format.  They’re a decent company to transact with and are know for honouring trials and refund requests.

Rotating Proxies – have some specialised proxies based in the US which work well with sneaker sites.  You need to select the rotating backconnect ATC proxies which have reserved IP addresses for the main sites.  They’re pretty good value and there’s often special offers on, you can try some low cost options with just 10 addresses to try out.

There’s no guarantee that even the best residential sneaker proxies will work for each and every drop, yet there are certainly good and bad proxy suppliers.   It’s worth settling on one or two that you trust unless you can afford to pay for unlimited proxies with Luminati every month!




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