So What are Sneaker Proxies ? Why Do I Need them?

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What the Best Sneaker Proxies to Use

So what are sneaker proxies? And more importantly how can I use them to cop more sneakers!

Obtaining the latest street wear is not quite a full time job but it’s not far off it.   If you imagine you’ll be able to get the latest Nike, Jordans or that incredibly cool Supreme hoodie by strolling into a shop or simply by a click or two in a web store – then you’ve obviously never tried.  If you’ve ever walked passed the Supreme store in Manhattan and noticed an enormous queue at some stupid time in the morning then you’ll perhaps start to understand two things.  That is both the amount of desire and the sheer obsessiveness of the competition to get the latest labeled street wear.

The marketing of this type of street wear is an economic phenomenon and it’s arguable where it all started.  Many suggest that Supreme were the forerunners and indeed they were one of the first companies to use the concept of highly restricted and limited ‘drops’ to create demand and guarantee a sell out.  It’s logical in many senses, although limiting your release obviously restricts overall profit, having a guaranteed sell out of any product you release is hugely attractive to any manufacturer.

After all, do you think any sort of company releasing this item would have gone slightly crazy?

Best Sneaker Proxies 2018 Possibly so, but this ordinary red house brick with the Supreme logo on it sold out almost immediately at a cost of about $30.  Indeed if you want to own this, you’ll  now have to look in the reseller markets where you’ll pay at least ten or twenty times that cost.  Yes, it’s a brick but the power of the logo and the scarcity created by the manufacturer have made it a hugely desirable item in many people’s eyes.

If a simple brick goes for these sorts of prices, as you can imagine genuine street wear goes for much, much more.   The problem for anyone trying to buy anything like this – is that the scarcity is very real, many items especially things like sneakers are released in very small amount usually referred to as ‘drops’.

Best Proxies for Supreme

Supreme may have been one of the pioneers of this sort of marketing but it didn’t take long for other manufacturers to follow them too.  Indeed in the world of sneakers (known as trainers in UK and Europe), pretty much all the big players like Nike, Adidas and Footlocker all operate the same model with regards many of their releases.  The aim is to maintain scarcity, protect the brand and retain an exclusive feel to a proportion of it’s products.  The extent of which a company will do this varies of course, companies like Nike and Adidas manufacture and distribute on a global scale but they still retain a selection of limited release products.

To get an idea of how these items of footwear are revered – just take a quick look at this site –, a very expensive looking website which reverently parades a page full of sneakers!  It’s something I don’t get, but my young sons are definitely on board with!

The Rise of the BOTS and Sneaker Proxies Explained

Of course all this exists in the context of the internet which means the majority of sales take place online through resellers and e-commerce platforms.  As anyone knows who’s ever tried to buy something extremely popular online, it can be a frustrating experience.  For the ordinary purchaser, it means finding out when the ‘drop’ or release is scheduled, logging on to the appropriate site and hoping for the best.  If you’re a Supreme fan, you’ll know for example that they always take place on a Thursday an 11AM.  If you try a few hours or even minutes later you’ll literally have zero chance of purchasing.

sneaker proxies explained

Now as this is the internet, there’s another thing guaranteed and that’s people will find workarounds, hacks or methods to maximise their chances of obtaining the sneakers or whatever merchandise that’s being offered. There are literally millions of people who want to own these products but only a small, limited supply.  Such excessive demand obviously also has a huge effect on the resell value with items usually available on places like Ebay shortly after for many times the original price.

Sounds like an easy way to make money?

In a way it is, it doesn’t take any real skill to resell these items at a huge profit. Take a quick picture and post them up for auction or sale on somewhere like Ebay or one of the many community groups and you’re virtually guaranteed to make big profits.   Of course the problem is obtaining these items in the first place which is where our friends the ‘bots’ come in.

A bot is simply a computer program which automatically navigates the e-commerce store to buy the product.  They are specifically designed to purchase individual items from certain stores so you’ll have a huge selection of these programs – Adidas Bots, Supreme Bots and Nike Bots plus endless variations. Many of them are actually based on the code developed by the companies themselves who run ‘test bots’ to check and validate their e-Commerce stores before release.

They are generically known as Sneaker Bots and they can effectively purchase the latest sneakers in a matter of micro-seconds easily beating even the most seasoned human buyer. You might think you’re quick on the mouse button but you’ll never get close to competing with a computer program designed specifically for the task.  Which is why the majority of these drops end up with the people running these of these bots who attempt to buy large numbers to resell on later for vast profits.

So if you want to pretty much guarantee these purchases or you want to make money by buying lots and reselling to a virtually guaranteed market at inflated prices then you’ll need to use a sneaker bot.  There are lots of these available largely with fairly explanatory names like Adidas Bot, Supreme Bot, Nike Bot and so on. Others are targeted at particular retailers like Sole Slayer and Easy Cop.   They’re mostly very easy to use, you pop in your details select the items you wish to buy and leave the program running ready to go shopping!

So What are These Sneaker Proxies for?

Now although these sneaker bots are undoubtedly the most effective way to buy limited release sneakers, that doesn’t mean the manufacturers and retailers are happy for you to use them. Indeed they spend a huge amount of time, money and effort in combating the use of automated purchases. For the most part this involved a technical battle, coding the stores to detect and block access from suspected automated shopping tools.

This can be extremely difficult and it’s not unknown for genuine ‘single purchase’ customers to get locked out if they’re too quick or slow going through the purchasing process! The battle is ongoing which in some ways is reflected in the price of some of the better bots which are continually upgraded and improved to combat these efforts.

However the real challenge in using these bots and making them work is to hide your location.  This is how the majority of companies block purchases by looking at things like the originating IP addresses.  For example, even running the most sophisticated sneaker bot, if you try and buy twenty pairs of sneakers from your home address you’re going to have no luck.  Indeed all that will happen is that IP address will be blacklisted for a period of time so you won’t even have a chance of making a legitimate single purchase.  Also if you try and buy from certain countries, or using commercially classified addresses you’ll also get blocked automatically.

This is where the sneaker proxies come in, they are simply intermediary servers which hide your real IP address and location.  Also they allow you to rotate your IP address which is essential if you want to try and make multiple purchases.   Arguably the proxies are one of the most important components and it’s true that the sneaker bots are virtually useless without decent sneaker proxies behind them.

Do I have to Buy Sneaker Proxies or Can I Use Free Ones

It can get complicated here, if you try and use the wrong sort  of proxies for example free ones simply scraped online then you’ll certainly fail.  This is where most beginners get it wrong as they attempt to avoid this cost.  It’s a specialized market, free stuff doesn’t work there are even people who create dedicated proxies for Supreme access, that’s all they do, their one purpose in life. It’s also essentially the competition so imagining that some flaky, free hacked server will win out over dedicated proxies for sneakers is simply wishful thinking.

However if you read the rest of this post about sneaker proxies explained you’ll learn that proxies are the crucial element. Here’s a few pointers that you need to consider regarding the sort of proxies that will enable the sneaker bots to work properly:

Don’t Use Free Proxies – they won’t work for a variety of reasons including speed and configuration, but primarily because they’ll be blacklisted already as people will have already tried.

Use residential sneaker Proxies – IP addresses which are detected from commercial classified servers like most VPNs, web hosts etc will be blocked automatically. The sneaker sites will only accept purchases from residential addresses.

Virgin Addresses – you have to ensure that your IP address hasn’t been already used to make purchasers on a particular site. Look for proxies which are specified for use on a particular site i.e supreme proxies, Nike proxies and so on.

Dedicated Access – you don’t need a bank of private, dedicated IP addresses but you do need to ensure that your not concurrently sharing with loads of people doing the same things. The best proxy providers will reserve IP addresses for specific sites and ensure that they are only used sparingly.

Speed – Another area that is crucial and why free sneaker proxies are useless. The best sneaker servers must be fast and ideally situated close to the merchants sales gateways.  Look for a fast ping and low latency from the specific servers you’re trying to buy from.

Remember it might be tempting to just try out free or cheap generic proxies with your new sneaker bot but it’s a big mistake. Not only will you be unsuccessful but you’re also risking delivery and financial data being blocked too. These physical attributes can be much harder to replace than just switching out your IP address.

If you want to go into the sneaker market and grab some of these valuable drops it’s certainly possible. Indeed many people make large, full time incomes simply from snapping up releases and reselling on eBay. However you’ll need to ensure you use a sneaker bot and importantly use dedicated, sneaker proxies designed specifically for the task.

One of the most respected suppliers of genuine sneaker proxies is the company Storm Proxies. You can test our their services for a couple of hours first too.

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