So What are ATC Proxies ?

In the world of street wear and super trendy sneakers there’s an acronym that you’ll often come across – ATC.  This stands for Add to Cart and refers to the eCommerce step when a person is adding an item to their basket or checkout.  It’s a significant moment for any online retailer as it’s generally considered the stage when you’ve closed the deal on a sale.  Indeed there’s nothing worse for any eCommerce site than to lose a sale at this point because the hard work is normally done.  Although if there is a high level of failure at this point then there’s usually  some other factor in place like advertising the wrong price!

ATC Proxies

It’s an important point in all sides of the buying and selling process and one area where you’ll find it mentioned a lot is in the various sneaker sites and forums.  These are sites dedicated to the latest fashions in leisure footwear or more specifically sneakers.  These are normally limited release items sold online by companies like Nike, Adidas, Supreme and Footlocker, which can be extremely difficult to obtain.   This limited availability of course makes them even more desirable to many and has resulted in a huge side market driven by this scarcity.

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The market for these sneakers has been growing over the last few years and so has the competition.  The releases are becoming more and more competitive and it’s very difficult to obtain even a single pair of some of the most desirable items.  Most of the sales take place online and at specific times, but the competition is huge and there are a host of tools which can be used to maximise your chances.   The simple fact is that if money is no object the easiest way to get a pair of the latest sneakers is to buy them after their release.  Like many scarce items, many individuals and businesses specialize in buying these items and reselling them at a profit.

The idea is that the retailers heavily limit the release of specific sneakers and other fashion items in order to drive up demand and guarantee sales.  In many senses this has worked perfectly but unfortunately ordinary individuals have slowly been pushed out of the market.  The sales take place online and a series of tools, software and tactics have arisen which people use to increase their chances of buying the items.   In a situation which has also arisen in the market for popular concert tickets, many of the sneakers are snapped up using these tools and resold at much higher prices on sites like eBay.

If you try to buy (or cop as it’s commonly known) some of the most popular sneakers, you’ll literally have only seconds after release to get your selected pair into your basket and checked out. Because so many people are using software and tools to automate the process, without using them it’s extremely unlikely you’ll succeed.

The Rise of Sneaker Bots 

In order to stand a real chance of ‘copping a pair of these sneakers, you’ll have to get some technical assistance.  The first thing you need is some sort of software to navigate the purchase process as quickly as possible.  These are commonly called sneaker bots and they’re basically a series of macros which allows you to pre-select and purchase the sneakers you want in a fraction of time a human hand could achieve on their own.   People use these to buy loads of the most popular sneakers in order to resell them, it’s actually quite a simple way to generate a significant income.

Obviously the manufacturer’s are not overly impressed with this behaviour, they want individuals to be able to buy their products not to be resold for vast amounts.  As such they incorporate many measures to block the sale of sneakers to anyone using these methods.  What has developed is an ongoing battle as the bots have become more sophisticated in order to bypass these blocks.  In fact these bots are now a long way from a simple set of macros, mostly due to the increasing number of countermeasures that have to be overcome to get them to work.  The bots need to bypass things like HMAC security identifiers and restrictions on IP addresses in order to successfully purchase the sneakers.

The main issue is probably not the existence of these Sneaker bots but the fact  that they are usually used not just to buy a single pair but lots.  It is a lucrative market and for a smallish investment the sneaker reseller can often make huge profits for a few hours of work a month.  Whether you think that Sneaker bots are good or bad probably depends on whether you just want a single pair or are looking to make some serious money reselling.

There are lots of these different bots, most of them customized to specific retailers.  So you’ll have Adidas, Supreme and Nike bots to name but a few. Many cost a few hundred dollars each so they’re obviously designed to be used for profit making rather than purchasing single pairs. What’s more the software is now no longer enough to guarantee success as most of the companies also watch specific things like the origin IP address, delivery addresses and methods of payment.

If you try to buy more than one pair of sneakers on a single credit card and the same IP address, there’s only one thing that will happen – your card and IP address will get blocked.  Hence if you’re serious then you’ll also need to invest in some residential sneaker proxies too.

Using Sneaker and ATC Proxies

Unless you’re only going to buy a single pair, simply owning the right sneaker bot won’t really help you.  As soon as the same IP address is used to make the second purchase it’s likely all sales will fail as the IP address will be blocked.  This is why you will need some sort of proxy server in order to hide your IP address and make those multiple purchases which will make you rich!  A proxy server sits between your computer and the web server hiding your address, in order to make multiple purchases you’ll need access to lots of these proxies or at least one with multiple IP addresses.

However like everything with buying sneakers, it’s not that straight forward as all IP addresses are not the same.   Different retailers operate different methods of IP blocking so it will depend on which retailer you’re trying to buy from which IP addresses and proxies you need.

Many of the blocks and bans come at the point where the product is placed on your shopping cart.  This is commonly when the addresses are checked plus the payment method and delivery address, which also usually need to be unique.   Also the IP addresses cannot have been used by other people doing the same thing, as often whole subnets of IP addresses are blocked when known multiple transactions are detected.  It’s why the proxies and their configuration are so specific – they are commonly referred to as Sneaker or ATC proxies as they enable the stage of adding the sneakers to your shopping cart.   Indeed now some of the proxies are as customized as the bots themselves, so you’ll buy proxies specifically for Adidas or Nike and so on.

Yes there are servers that specific – you can find companies supplying only footsite proxies which are optimized for that market only.  Be careful though, if you get too specialised you’ll be paying well over the odds and it might be worth spending some time learning how to make residential proxies of your own.

Indeed using the right proxies are crucial for success in getting anything into your cart at any of the main sneaker e-commerce sites.  Here’s some of the crucial aspects of choosing the right ATC proxy server and finding the best proxies for sneaker bots :

  • Speed – it’s obvious really but buying sneakers is a first passed the post activity.  If your proxy is slow it’s not worth using, any delay will mean you’ll lose out.
  • Classification – there are two main important categories of IP address classification – residential and commercial.  The residential ones are assigned by your ISP to home users whereas most other IP addresses are assigned from the commercial pot to datacentres.  Many sites only allow access to residential addresses, as they are more likely to be genuine home users.  It’s much safer to use residential IP addresses but unfortunately they are harder to  get and therefore more expensive.
  • Location – your proxies should be close to the e-commerce store in order to minimize the latency between you and the store.  If you use a proxy miles away your Ping will be too high and overall speed will plummet.  Choose US residential proxies for US sites and European ones when appropriate.
  • Usage – ideally your IP addresses should be dedicated and not being used by anyone else.  Also obviously the addresses must not be blacklisted by that supplier.

As you can see not only is choosing the right proxies essential, it is actually quite difficult. There are now quite a few places where you can find sneaker proxies for sale, but many are fairly hopeless. You can pick a super fast, well configured and supported proxy but if it’s using a blacklisted or blocked address range then it’s pretty much useless for using with any sneaker bot.  In many ways it’s better to pick a reliable company who can answer your questions and supply you with the right ATC proxies for your needs.  Most will allow you to rent whenever you need, don’ pay for monthly residential proxies until you actually need them – here’s our picks.

Storm Proxies – One of the forerunners of proxy providers, largest network of residential proxies.

Rotating Proxies – Very helpful and some great deals on ATC and Specialized Sneaker Proxies.


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