Thoughts on Where to Buy Sneaker Proxies

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Guide to Sneaker Proxies

I’m sure that pretty much all of us under 70 years old will go to the same place when we’re looking for information.  If you’re looking how to do something or where to buy something, there’s really no competition – it’s got to be the internet.  However sometimes this can be extremely misleading and provide you with some very poor information.   This is especially true when you’re looking for information on anything remotely technical related to buying sneakers online.

Unfortunately although web pages and blog posts always that appear at the top of your Google Search results might look up to date and relevant, this is often not the case.   For example I’ve got blog posts that are 15 years old that still rank highly for specific queries and get loads of traffic.   Sometimes that doesn’t really matter, the information can be just as accurate as the day it was written.  However in many cases, even a year old post can be hopelessly outdated and even misleading.

Where to Buy Sneaker Proxies

Anything to do with Sneakers has a great chance of being outdated very quickly so always remember this when reading and researching online.  Don’t be like my friend who found one of those how to make a fortune buying sneakers online posts that also recommended the best sneaker bot to use. Then proceeded to waste lots of money on a sneaker bot that didn’t work, proxies that were banned while buying sneakers that no-one wanted.  You’ve guessed it the post ranked highly but was hopelessly out of date and all the information was now pretty much totally wrong.

But of course, we’re ignoring an enormous contradiction here, I’m writing a blog post about where to buy sneaker proxies whilst telling you to be careful of posts explaining the same thing.   The essential point is that check dates on web site information and then always use that information cautiously.  If you see a recommended sneaker bot, then of course check it out but reach out to the supplier.  Ask some questions, perhaps get a trial or at the very least ensure that a refund is available.  The internet is absolutely awash with software and bots that haven’t worked for years, and yet  they’re still for sale and people still buy them!

Where to Buy Sneaker Proxies

Just like software, proxies are very time sensitive, indeed perhaps even  more so. The free proxy server that you find listed on web sites or text files are normally useless even the day after publication.  Even the commercial services can change rapidly as the effectiveness of proxies can change in seconds especially if they’re abused.

The major issue with supplying proxies for people to use on various online activities is they don’t look after them. If you use a single proxy with a couple of IP addresses and use them to try and purchase hundreds of pairs of sneakers from Nike or Supreme – there will be one result.  The IP addresses will be banned or blocked for the immediate future and thus completely unusable for copping sneakers online.  The smart suppliers have worked this out and taken back an element of control.

The core value of the proxy is not the hardware or configuration (although this is important) – it’s the IP addresses.  If the IP addresses are blacklisted then their effectively worthless for that activity.  Sneaker proxies need IP addresses that are unrestricted on the particular sneaker sites, otherwise there’s no point using them.  If you hand over control to complete strangers who are paying a few bucks to use those IP addresses, then many will not look after them.  They will almost certainly overuse them and then simply move on after they’ve finished.

Pick a Proxy Supplier not a Specific Proxy

This is the important step, because if you pick a company who know what they’re doing then you’re much m ore likely to succeed.  First of all ensure that if you’re using proxies to buy a specific type of sneaker that you’re supplier knows this.  If you try using generic, shared proxies with commercially registered IP addresses then you’ll simply fail.  These proxies might be cheap but they’re a complete waste of money for using with any of the main sneaker e-commerce sites.

Your first check is to ensure that your preferred supplied has specialist categories, so they’ll have proxies for Instagram, proxies for Facebook and proxies for different sneaker retailers too.  If the site is to generic then it’s likely that these are just general use, shared proxies with IP addresses which will be unlikely to work on any sneaker site properly.  However if you rent a block of sneaker proxies then you’ll have much better success.  These will be optimized for use with the e-commerce sites and should not be blocked.

By grouping proxies into different categories and controlling their use then the suppliers can ensure that the proxies are fit for purpose.  By restricting concurrent connections carefully by using backconnect proxies and rotating the IP addresses, then they can ensure that they all work properly.

What Do We Want from our Proxies?

Well there are some essential factors which will directly impact your success whether you use bots or just use them from the browser.

    • Fast Speed and Performance – copping the latest releases requires speed.  If it didn’t nobody would use Bots.  Although a few years ago as long as you got to the site at release time and had a credit card ready you’d probably get your purchase, that’s certainly not the case now. Try it, and you’ll be amazed as your super fast manual checkout is too slow and you receive the sold out message.  You’re competing with pre-configured software programmed to complete the checkout process, you won’t win pressing keys or clicking with your mouse.
    • Great Support – nobody knows more about which proxies to use for which tasks than the providers themselves.  The guys in it for the long term want you to succeed, that’s how they gain long term customers. The way they answer questions and queries is a great indicator on how responsive they’ll be.
    • Trials/refunds – be careful with these. If a proxy service offers long term trials then they will almost certainly get abused.  As such IP addresses will be blocked and proxies will become useless. Any proxy service with standards who want to protect their assets won’t allow it.  However you certainly should be able to ensure that the proxy is suitable with a quick test or be supplied with a prompt refund.
    • Anonymity – is crucial to success with buying sneakers.  After all using a residential IP address registered in a specific country is pointless if the e-commerce site can see your real address. It’s sounds a basic requirement, yet some proxy services fail at this first step.
    • Specialist Proxies – for many people there is really only one requirement to hide your real IP address.  However for specific platforms like Instagram, Facebook and of course the various sneaker selling sites, then it’s not really enough. If the addresses are used by other people for the same purpose there’s going to be problems.  You might need residential proxies, which have no commercially registered addresses. The solution is usually to use proxies designed for a specific purpose.
    • IP Addresses – we need addresses which work on our chosen platform and not being used by other people concurrently.  This used to mean huge expense for dedicated servers that no-one else used. Nowadays if you look for professional providers then you can use rotating proxies which switch IP addresses automatically from a pool. The result is no concurrent connections, unique IP addresses at a much cheaper price. If profit margins are to be maintained it’s well worth checking these out.

Choosing the right proxies for your purpose can be confusing, what’s more it’s likely to change over time.  It’s big business and many people pay out thousands for monthly residential proxies for their businesses.  Many purposes can use shared, multi user IP addresses without a problem and they can be obtained fairly cheaply.  However if you’re after sneakers or looking to manage a host of valuable Instagram accounts from your home then you should choose carefully.

Proxy Provider Recommendation

Our recommendation is a company who has been in this market much longer than most of their competitors.  I initially started using them because they gave me a refund without a quibble when I inadvertently bought the wrong servers once. Yet over the years, they’ve impressed me with their knowledge and their support.  Plus almost uniquely in this market, they own and operate the hardware that their proxies run on – believe me this is not the usual situation by any case.

So if you’re a bit baffled by the proxy market and want some guidance, give them a try.  They’re called Storm Proxies and you can try out their services without commitment, if they’re not suitable for whatever reason then they refund without issue.




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