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Obtaining access to any volume of residential IP addresses can be extremely difficult which is why they are often so expensive to obtain.  Most of us have access to one or two residential addresses, through our home internet connections and local internet service providers.  None of these companies are ever going to release large number of these addresses though, so it’s difficult to get access to any large number.

There is often confusion in this area though, often you see people promoting or selling what they describe as residential IP addresses when they’re clearly not!

Standard VPN or Proxy Don’t Have US Residential IPs

The first myth is that you can pick up residential classified IP addresses for free online or through one of the low cost VPN services.  You won’t, the vast majority (and I’m talking 99%) here of the IP addresses allocated in this way are commercial IP addresses.  The servers these services run on are in vast datacentres, colleges or ordinary businesses – none of which will be allocated residential IP addresses.   A very few services, one mentioned below have obtained a certain number of these addresses but they are very careful with them as they can be rather expensive.   Residential IP addresses can be obtained from specialised companies but they’re generally more expensive than simple VPN connections.

Remember the core difference between Residential VPN or Proxies and ordinary ones is how their IP addresses are classified.  If it’s not specified then presume that they are commercial addresses.  In addition the country classification can also be important, if you’re using addresses from commercial bots or software then you’ll need them based in your target market. Obviously a residential US IP address is going to be way more useful that one from Afghanistan for example.

US Residential IPs


Residential Addresses are Only Allocated from ISPs

It’s important to remember this, wherever you are thinking of buying your residential proxies – the IP addresses have been allocated from an ISP.  It’s ultimately why they are so hard to obtain, you can get allocated blocks they are normally assigned individually to home users.  Some companies have negotiated agreements with ISP companies but they’re likely to be expensive which is why  the costs are always going to be higher than for standard commercial IP addresses.

There are other ways of obtaining residential addresses.  Some companies rent the addresses directly from home users with fast connections, again it works well but adds a layer of expense.  You can also find the odd company like Hola who run the extremely dodgy Illuminati network.  They basically offer a ‘free VPN’ service to individuals and then piggyback and resell their internet connections (and residential IP addresses) to third parties.  The customers are technically informed, somewhere in the terms and conditions, but most are probably unaware of their bandwidth being sublet!

The fastest, safest and cleanest residential IP addresses are only accessible from a small handful of companies who specialize in this area.  They have built up large networks of residential addresses from a variety of sources including some mentioned above.   Of the companies I deal with my favorite is Storm Proxies simply because they are the only ones who actually own the hardware that these residential addresses are allocated too.  This might not seem important but without control over the hardware you are unable to ensure the proxies are secure, safe and properly configured.  Running your internet connection through some poor sucker on the Illuminati network is a huge security risk in this writers opinion.

Why Are Residential IP addresses so Important?

The main reason is that they are the only way you can replicate a real home users or customer.  More and more web sites are blocking access from commercial address ranges as an easy way to stop people circumventing their filters.  If you want to run multiple Instagram accounts for example, you won’t get far using commercial IP addresses.  Most people making money out of this platform run private proxies for Instagram, allocating two accounts to each address as a maximum.  Without taking these precautions then they’re likely to wake up one morning and find that their Instagram account with a few hundred thousand followers has been deleted.

Any platform directed at social media, entertainment or selling things is primarily targeting ordinary home users.  Home users don’t come in from connections with commercial IP address ranges so it’s easy to simply block access from these automatically.  Netflix was one of the first to block access from any commercial IP address and so it’s now virtually impossible to access from a corporate site or using a standard VPN or proxy.  They did this because people were using cheap VPN services to switch their locale when they connected to Netflix usually to the US version which is way better than everyone else’s.

Any automated software which promotes, manages or even buys products from these sites needs multiple identities.  If you try and run a sneaker bot or some research tool using a single IP address or your home connection it get’s blocked pretty quickly.  The way to access multiple identities is to have access to a large range of IP addresses which are in the correct country and are classified as residential.    Great proxies like this are what separate the winners from the losers, try and do any of this using cheap or free proxies will at best waste your time.  The worst result will be when valuable accounts are blocked, filtered or even deleted.

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