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Need to Buy US Residential IP Addresses and Proxies for Online Work ?

Obtaining access to any volume of residential IPs for a proxy network can be extremely difficult which is why they are often so expensive to obtain. If you’re in the USA, then most of us can gain access to one or two residential addresses through normal channels. We can use our home internet connections, perhaps local wifi access points and local internet service providers. However none of these companies are ever going to release large number of these addresses and certainly not to a proxy network. It really can be difficult to get access to large numbers through any proxy service.

Essential for Marketers Outside the US needing Access

If you’re based outside the US then it’s even harder to access many US sites. Without a US IP address many activities are simply not possible – sites like Craigslist will block access automatically. So it’s indeed it’s vital for many who make their living on line to get access to US residential proxies. Without these the huge US commercial market is basically impossible to access. Without access to US residential proxies then you’ll be limited to your local, domestic market in many situations. There are workarounds in some markets but generally you’ll be excluded from the very best US marketing opportunities without access to at least some US IP addresses.

Real Users have US Residential IP Addresses

A USA residential IP address is what most Americans have assigned to their home computers. They are allocated by Internet service providers (ISPs) for people to access the internet. 

There is often confusion in this area though, many services who promise a United States based residential IP are not being entirely truthful.  Often these so called residential proxies are actually supplying an ordinary datacenter IP address.  They’re certainly not the same addresses assigned by a US internet service provider which is what we all need.

There’s nothing wrong with the majority of these standard datacenter addresses. For many tasks they’re perfectly acceptable, they will work with basic geo-targeting checks. So if a website simply check which country an IP address is registered to – then a datacenter IP will be fine. If you can use one of these standard addresses then it’s worth doing as they’re much cheaper than any other type of IP address including residential ones.

Datacenter Proxies are Easy to Detect

The main issue with datacenter proxies is that they are extremely easy to detect. Many websites have the ability to differentiate between residential and data centre IP addresses. Indeed it’s the simplest method for detecting when proxies are being used.

Remember not all websites bother to check how an IP address is classified – simply where it’s located. However if a site tries to restrict things like multiple access or VPN/proxy use it’s a relatively simple check to make. Many internet marketers in 2023 exclusively use residential proxies or mobile proxies (IP address ranges reserved for mobile phones.

Standard VPN or Proxy Servers Won’t Have a US Residential IP

The first myth is that you can pick up a residential classified IP address for free online or through one of the low cost VPN services. You won’t, the vast majority (and I’m talking 99%) here of the IP addresses allocated in this way are not residential ips. The servers these services run on are in vast datacentres, colleges or ordinary businesses – none of which will be allocated a residential address. A very few services, one mentioned below have obtained a certain number of these addresses. However they are very careful with them as they can be rather expensive. Residential addresses can be obtained from specialized residential proxy network companies but they’ll generally cost more.

Residential Proxies Falling in Price

Fortunately the prices are falling, now even premium providers like IPBurger can offer really affordable prices on proxies which can pass all IP authentication checks.  These are current rates on single exclusive IPs (datacenter proxies not residential) with choice of proxy locations which have a great success rate for many e commerce transactions and web scraping.

US residential IP Addresses

Remember the core difference between a dedicated residential VPN or Proxy and ordinary ones is how each IP address is classified. If it’s not specified then presume that they are commercial addresses. In addition the country classification can also be important especially if you’re using addresses with commercial bots or software. Often these require addresses registered in your target market.

US Residential Ranges

Obviously a US residential proxy address is going to be way more useful that one from Afghanistan especially to a proxy network. So you need to be very careful that the addresses suit your requirements. If you can find cheap residential proxies, great but make sure the addresses are worth paying for. Quality is more important than quantity in these situations. Paying slightly more for a genuine, static residential IP proxy will be way more effective than hundreds of hacked foreign addresses.

Residential IP Networks

Residential Addresses are Only Allocated from ISPs

It’s important to remember this, wherever you are thinking of buying your residential proxies – the IP addresses have been allocated from an ISP. It’s ultimately why they are so hard to obtain, you can’t get allocated blocks they are normally assigned individually to home users. Some residential proxy network companies have negotiated agreements with ISP companies but they’re likely to be expensive which is why the costs are always going to be higher than for a standard commercial IP address.

There are other ways of obtaining residential IP addresses which some residential proxy providers have used. Some companies rent the addresses directly from home users with fast connections, again it works well but adds a huge layer of expense. You can also find some big players like Smart Proxy who have built a huge residential IP network. They basically offer applications like ‘free VPN’ service to individuals in exchange for using their internet connections (and their residential IPs).

IP Address Quality is Worth Paying for

It should be noted though that some of these larger networks can be more costly but they are very effective for many tasks. If you can afford them they are a very safe option for most residential proxy tasks.

If you’re not keen on Smart Proxy then there are a few other decent alternatives. The fastest residential IP addresses are only accessible from a small handful of companies who specialize in this area. They have built up large networks of residential addresses from a variety of sources including some mentioned above.

Of the companies I deal with one of my favorite is IPBurger simply because they are the only ones who actually own the hardware that these residential addresses are filtered through. This might not seem important but without control over the hardware you are unable to ensure the proxies are secure, safe and properly configured.  If you just need a small number they have some good deals you can configure yourself – I have a inexpensive UK residential VPN which I’ve used for years.

Why Are Residential IP addresses so Important?

The main reason is that they are the only way you can replicate a real home users or customer. More and more web sites are blocking access from commercial address ranges as an easy way to stop people circumventing their filters. If you want to run multiple Instagram accounts for example, you won’t get far using commercial IP addresses.

Most people making money out of this platform run private proxies for Instagram, allocating two accounts to each address as a maximum. Without taking these precautions then they’re likely to wake up one morning and find that their Instagram account with a few hundred thousand followers has been deleted.

Any platform directed at social media, entertainment or selling things is primarily targeting ordinary home users. Home users don’t come in from connections with commercial IP address ranges so it’s easy to simply block access from these automatically.  It’s why you should think twice before you buy us ip addresses from commercial datacentres.

Automated BOTs Need Many IP Addresses

Any automated software which promotes, manages or even buys products from these sites needs multiple identities. If you try and run a sneaker bot or some research tool using a single IP address or your home connection it get’s blocked pretty quickly.

If you going to use one of these tools to really scale up then make sure you have enough IP addresses. This is vitally important as using automated software of any type without enough addresses can be really dangerous to your accounts. The BOT will make repeated requests using the same IP addresses which will quickly get flagged. If the software continues to use these addresses all sorts of flags will be raised and is essentially why people buy residential ip addresses!

Inexpensive Method to Access Lots of Residential IPs

The way to access multiple identities is to have access to a large range of IP addresses which are in the correct country and are classified as residential.  Great proxies like this are what separate the winners from the losers, try and do any of this using cheap or free proxies will at best waste your time. The worst result will be when valuable accounts are blocked, filtered or even deleted.   So what is the US residential IP price at a standard proxy provider?

It’s much too expensive in most situations to have exclusive access to large amounts of US residential IP address ranges. So many of the best value proxy providers allow rotating access to a large pool which are then released and renewed. You will have exclusive access to an IP address but only for a short period of time. This is the easiest way to protect the quality while keeping prices affordable to people who need access to lots of addresses.

Here’s where we get our US residential IPs, try out a single IP for a month if you want to test.




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