What are Fresh Proxies and Where Can I Buy Them Online in 2023 !

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Buy Fresh Proxies and Safe IP Addresses

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What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is an intermediary between a web user and internet servers. A proxy server can be used to gain access to restricted content, improve anonymity or to protect the user’s identity. It’s also commonly used to provide anonymity or allow users to access sites blocked by censorship.

A proxy acts as the gateway between endpoints and servers. Proxy servers do not just receive and forward web requests, but they also improve security and network performance. In a computer network, the main purpose of a proxy server is to improve the performance and security on your network. generally internet access is allowed on a corporate or educational network using the proxy as a gateway. This ensures that access can be monitored and checked for things like viruses to protect the desktop environment.

Some key points which apply to most proxies –

  • Proxy server is an intermediary between a web user and internet servers
  • Proxy acts as the gateway between endpoints and servers
  • Proxy servers do not just receive and forward web requests, but they also improve security and network performance.
  • Improving security and network performance is the main purpose for proxy servers
  • Proxy servers can protect users from the prying eyes on the internet.

What are the Types of Proxies you can use to hide your identity?

There are literally dozens of different types, as you can really configure a proxy server however you like to perform numerous tasks. However you can really reduce that number to a few popular types.

What are the types of proxies you can use to hide your identity?

Many of these terms overlap and are often used in different contexts online, however they should give you a good idea about what people are talking about.

Transparent Proxy

Transparent Proxies are a type of proxy which allows you to hide your identity. They are not anonymous proxies, but they do allow you to bypass censorship. They’re the simplest types of proxies which pass along all information (including IP addresses) and make no attempt to hide their existence.

Anonymous Proxy

Anonymous proxy is a type of proxy that doesn’t identify you. They won’t pass along your real IP address but will not normally try and hide the fact that they are acting as a proxy. Great for basic privacy and avoiding many targeting activities you’ll encounter online. The phrase is almost generic though and an anonymous proxy could potentially be pretty much anything !

High Anonymity Proxy

Considered the most secure of proxies, although the description is often used very carelessly. The basic requirements though are they don’t pass along your IP address and they hide the fact that the connection is via a proxy server. Anything claiming to be highly anonymous should also switch IP addresses periodically as they don’t get labelled as proxies.

Remember when you use tools and websites which claim to search the web for high anonymity proxies then they clearly aren’t as they’ve been detected !

Data center Proxy

This relates to where the proxy is situated and what sort of IP address it uses more than anything else. You can certainly have a transparent or anonymous data center proxy for example. Most important point is that they have IP addresses registered to a datacenter. This can be verified quite easily and automatically by websites you visit. Data center IP addresses are often flagged as being potential proxies especially when shared by many users.

Residential Proxy

Again this potentially can be any type of proxy from completely transparent to highly anonymous. However the important part of a residential proxy is that it uses IP addresses classified as residential. These are the IP address ranges assigned to normal home users through their internet service providers. These IP addresses are highly trusted and very anonymous, connections will look like real home users rather than those from proxy farms based in datacentres.

There are lots more definitions and variations and we’ll cover a few of them later in this article including fresh proxies.

What is an Open proxy and How do I Find One?

There’s only one reason that anyone would use an open proxy and that’s because they’re generally free. Open or free proxies are not particularly hard to find either, a simple search engine query can find you with plenty of pages with up to date lists. So how come these are free? Who is playing for them ? Well there’s no single answer but most open proxies have either been accidentally left open or intentionally in order to steal your data.

(Accidentally) Open Proxies

Many applications and computer programs use proxies for core functionality. So it’s not surprising that an awful lot of internet facing servers end up with proxies open and enabled without their owners knowledge ! Considering many companies and organisations don’t have dedicated IT staff, it was always bound to happen.

The proxy server software doesn’t even have to be on a server. There’s no reason why a desktop or client computer can run a proxy server too as long as it has some access outside the network.

Obviously these servers are not secure and safe to use yet plenty of them appear on the various free proxy lists you’ll find online. However there are much more dangerous versions of these which have been taken over by hackers and cyber criminals. The concept is simple let people use these proxies for nothing and steal any usernames, passwords or login details that they use while connected.

This can be done in many ways but mostly direct monitoring or installing malware on any computers connected.

Don’t Use Free Open Proxies

What is a Fresh proxy?

All proxies can perform the basic functionality of a gateway or relay, however for many tasks there is one vital factor which differentiates these. IP addresses are generally the most important part of any proxy server. They are all unique and whenever you connect to a proxy you’ll effectively be using the address assigned to the proxy.

Use a proxy which is regularly used by criminals and spammers and you will also adopt that identity. The IP address will probably be blacklisted and any connection you make will be flagged as potentially unsafe.

Every IP Address Has a History

Much like a real identity or address, there’s a history attached to each and every IP address online. An IP address attached to a completely free open proxy is going to get used by all sorts of crooks, spammers and thieves. Very soon that IP address is going to get blacklisted and become basically unusable on all sorts of sites like Paypal, Craigslist and lots of social media ones too. It’s like coming from a bad neighborhood, you’ll find your options limited.

Anything these addresses touch can be affected too including things like social media accounts. Ultimately the issue is that you’re sharing these proxies and addresses sometimes with thousands of people.

It’s difficult to tell if an account has been abused or not unfortunately it’s often vitally important.

Fresh Proxy = IP Address with no history

Obviously it’s hard to find an IP address that has never been used before ever. However a fresh proxy won’t have addresses that have been shared by lots of people previously. The ‘fresh‘ means that it has no track record, won’t have been spammed to bits or used to create thousands of profiles. A fresh proxy starts with a clean slate and you can use it carefully for any purpose. This is especially true if it’s a dedicated proxy not being shared by anyone else too!

How to get New Fresh Proxies

A fresh proxy is basically a proxy with ‘fresh’ unused IP addresses and there’s only a couple of ways you can do this. You can either create your own if you have access to a few addresses to use or you can pay someone to access a new proxy.

Either way is perfectly valid and can give you a safe and maintainable base to continue any online activities like internet marketing or on social media. Here’s one of the companies who offer a range of fresh proxies which you can hire –

fresh proxies

Will Can I Find Fresh New Proxies on those Free Proxies lists ?

Unfortunately not, in fact you’ll only find exactly the opposite proxies. Anything that’s available for free on the internet will always be abused and proxies are not different. Most spammers and hackers use these sorts of proxies almost exclusively and they will almost always be on every blacklist available.

If you use them there’s a significant risk you’ll get any associated accounts similarly blocked too.

The IP Address you are using has been Flagged as an Open Proxy

This is becoming an increasingly common message on social media platforms like Instagram.  It’s a very bad message to see especially if you’re managing some important and valuable accounts.  Basically it means the following –

  • The proxy you are using is well known and blacklisted.
  • Your IP address is being actively blocked.
  • Your Instagram account has been linked with a blacklisted proxy and IP address

IT’s really bad news and can have a lot of negative effects on your account.  If you get this message stop using that proxy immediately especially with that account.  Unfortunately even respectable, well managed proxy servers can get this message – all it takes is a spammer abusing an address and getting it blacklisted.  It’s one of primary reasons that people are moving to fresh proxies with clean IP addresses especially on platforms like Instagram. There are so many abused IP addresses out there and using a bad one can cause lots of issues.

What are Proxies ?

Proxies are intermediaries between a client (user) and a server. When a client makes a request to a server, the request goes through a proxy server first, which then makes the request to the server on behalf of the client. The proxy server also receives the server’s response and forwards it to the client. Proxies are used for a variety of reasons, including to maintain anonymity, to access region-restricted content, to cache content to speed up load times, and to block access to certain websites.