What are the Best Proxies for Bots ?

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Which Proxy Should I Use for Bots?

If you do any sort of business online then chances are you’ve encountered some sort of software which can automate some of your tasks.    For internet marketers for example there’s literally hundreds of them and even if a Bot doesn’t exist you can buy software to help you write your own. Yet one of this first problems you’ll face with running these program is which are the proxies for Bots. It’s important because without proxies most of the programs don’t even work.

As the opportunities for making money online increase, obviously also does the competition.   Whereas a few years ago you could promote anything manually, nowadays the sheer scale involved makes software almost essential.  Take for example promoting your store or product on Instagram, for most sectors it’s a very smart move.  People buy from Instagram posts, unlike many sites where it’s difficult to raise a sale among a sea of browsers.    However to get your posts in front of people you need to be very active – running a single Instagram account can easily take up all your time.

Obviously employing individuals to do this work for you is an option, but only the larger organisations can afford teams of human staff to manage their accounts.  For the rest of us, we need to use software to free up our time.  Also relying on a single Instagram account to generate all your web business is an incredibly risky strategy,  it’s smart to run several simultaneously.  It’s only natural that people have turned to computer software to assist in promoting and running these accounts – one of the most popular for example is called Jarvee.   Unfortunately it worked a little too well and is no longer available – gosh it was effective though blasting social accounts in a few weeks.

Pretty neat huh, and there are tools like this to automate loads of different online tasks. Indeed Jarvee supports several different platforms meaning you can operate a huge online marketing operation from a single computer and a little time to configure and update the program. These software programs are normally referred to as Bots and they are available for lots of different tasks even buying tickets from Ticketmaster ! For example on my server I have bots running performing the following tasks –

Researching Keywords for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Researching Keyword for YouTube Videos
Building Social Links to My Websites and Videos
Building Backlinks to Tier Two Properties
Posting Regular content to Tier Two Properties
Running and Promoting Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Accounts

In fact I have more Bots than that, but those are the primary ones which I run most of the time. To employ humans to do this same would require a whole marketing team which would be simply unaffordable (at least for me!).

However there is another problem with using Bots to automate all these tasks and that’s most of these internet sites don’t like them. All the social media sites for example hate the idea that automated software is responsible for their content, they very strongly want human interaction. If they suspect that an account is run or promoted by computer software they’re likely to ban or restrict the account, often they’ll simply delete it. Using these software tools is a huge advantage and often a necessity however it’s important to try and hide the fact you’re doing this.

What are the Best Proxies for Bots ?

The single most important factor to using bots of any type effectively online is to hide your internet address. the very first thing that any platform or application checks is the IP address of the connecting computer. If you try and run and promote twenty Instagram accounts from one IP address then there will be only one result your accounts will get deleted. So you can’t just loads something like Jarvee to manage your social accounts from your home or office computer, it won;t work.

You Need to Use Multiple IP Addresses to Manage Multiple Accounts

Whatever task you’re doing online if it’s done on any scale whatsoever then you need to create multiple identities. The most important component of each identity is the Internet Protocol Address – (IP Address). Unfortunately you generally can’t change your address at will as it’s assigned from whoever provides your internet access. However you can hide your real address behind different addresses by using proxy servers.

Proxies sit between you and the websites you’re visiting, they hide your identity as the website will only see the IP address of the proxy. Whats more you can use multiple proxies or configure one to switch IP addresses either automatically or on demand. Whether you use a single rotating proxy server or a bank of lots of different proxies, the result is that you can use these servers to operate lots of different identities online.

Best proxies for bots

If you use proxies correctly to hide your location then any website will see different users every time you connect. So your twenty Instagram accounts can be managed by a single person on a single computer as long as they’re routed through proxy servers assigned with multiple IP addresses. Proxies provide both a level of anonymity, hiding your true location and identity – plus the ability to operate from multiple digital identities too.

So Will Any Proxy Do for Running Bots?

Unfortunately this is not a straight forward question and depends largely on which platform you’re using. For example you may have noticed that if you run lots of search queries quickly on Google you’ll sometimes get blocked with a warning message. This doesn’t happen that often from a home account but from big networks it can be quite common. Google is searching for software and Bots doing automated queries and tries to block them, mostly simply checking the number coming from each individual IP address.

However it doesn’t go into depth checking these, after all they’re just search queries, and tends to limit just based on the individual IP addresses. However other platforms do many more checks and they’ll also check the classification and location of the IP address too. So to post multiple adverts on a US Craigslist board for example you have to use multiple IP addresses which are physically located in the correct region too. You can’t post adverts on London Craigslist from a US IP address so you’ll need the proxy to supply different addresses from the specified area.

Instagram is particularly keen on checking information from their users, carefully analysing for signs of automated use. They will check the location and the classification of the IP address too. They’re looking for suspicious behaviour from commercially registered addresses which are more likely to be commercial proxies. So for managing Instagram accounts it’s imperative to try and look like a normal Instagram user, who would not generally be using Instagram from a commercial environment.

This is why when you search for proxies you’ll find some companies offering, ‘residential’ proxies. These are simply ordinary proxies loaded with residential Ip addresses obtained from ISPs. They make you look much more like a normal home user than some marketer sitting in an office running loads of marketing software.

Residential Proxies Make You Look like a Home User

It’s that simple, most home users will have an IP address assigned from their ISP. Which is why you’ll find more and more companies offering residential proxies in order to help their users stay hidden. As mentioned managing any number of Instagram accounts on commercial IP address is a huge risk even if you rotate them simply because the classification of these addresses is much less trusted than residential ones.

Unfortunately residential IP addresses are actually quite difficult to obtain as they’re normally only distributed to Internet Service Providers for their home based companies. You can get them though, a handful of the most sophisticated companies have developed huge networks of these addresses, the biggest company providing them is probably Luminati – try them here.  To look like a genuine home user, a residential IP address is pretty much essential.

Commercial IP Addresses are all Blocked from Accessing Netflix !

The media streaming giant Netflix actually banned virtually all inbound connections from commercially registered IP addresses. This was because people were using them to switch the regions they gained access to, for example people would use a US IP address in order to watch the US version of Netflix instead of their local one.  After years of trying to detect and individually block these, the company simply restricted access to residential addresses only.

The Ultimate Anonymity – Mobile Proxies

So if you’re looking at proxies, especially for managing social media accounts then you should certainly look at residential IP addresses ideally.   These addresses are generally much more trusted especially in social sites and those which take purchases. Buying tickets and special release sneakers for example is much easier using residential IP addresses than commercial ones for example.    It’s worth checking them out first though as one of the drawbacks of using residential addresses is that are often slower due to the methods used to obtain them (which include routing through home user’s connections although not all do this).

At the moment the safest and most reliable option for IP addresses is to use those from the mobile framework.  These are addresses generally assigned to our mobile devices like smart phones.  The addresses obviously are assigned much more dynamically as people travel around using their smartphones and connect to different mobile towers.  The result is that anyone using these IP addresses looks like an ordinary user accessing the site through their mobile phones.

This is of course perfect for accessing Instagram accounts as it’s the way the majority of users access this social network.  Most professional Instagram marketers even suggest that a single mobile address is good for managing  up to 15 different accounts.  Whereas using other IP addresses, it’s rarely safe to go beyond one account per one IP addresses.  Simply speaking mobile addresses are switched and  assigned much more dynamically and it’s much harder to block these ranges without affecting thousands of other users.

At the moment Mobile IP Proxies are probably the safest to use when operating online, although they can be expensive as they’re difficult to obtain.  If you’re interested though a company with a decent reputation for standard IP addresses has moved into the market and is offering mobile proxies based on many premium providers including German and UK based telephone companies.

Instagram IP Proxies



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