Choosing the Best Private Instagram Proxy

If you’re looking for a great place to make money online, then out of all the social media sites there’s one that stands out from the crowd – Instagram.   It’s perhaps not quite as high profile as Facebook or YouTube, yet many people are making a fantastic amount of money from the site in a variety of ways.  Instagram is certainly more popular among the younger generation.   It’s also great for selling products both your own or indirectly as an affiliate.  In addition, a popular Instagram account can be used to generate income through things like sponsored shouts and promoting products.

Of course, the key to making money on Instagram is having thousands of followers whether they are in a single Instagram account or spread through multiple ones.  There’s millions of people using the platform and it’s transformed way beyond a simple place to upload your photos too.  Now of course there are standard traditional methods of making a popular account, although unless you get lucky it’s extremely hard to do.  Simply posting a few photos and hoping your friends like them is never going to generate the numbers required to make serious money.  It’s certainly not the way the Instagram marketers build up a popular account.

Instagram Proxy

Many of these accounts, have been created and built up using specialised marketing software.  By using automated methods, it’s possible to build up very popular Instagram accounts relatively quickly.  Here’s a few of the most popular software programs which can be used to promote your Instagram accounts, although there are lots more.

  • Igerslike – Tool for Social Media Growth (works on many platforms)
  • Followliker – Instagram Marketing and Liker Software
  • Likestagram – Web Based Instagram Liker Tool
  • Massplanner – Great tool for building followers.

As mentioned there’s many of these, and some work better than others but it’s a good place to start.  Using these tools can seriously short cut the promotional phase and you can build up hugely popular Instagram accounts very quickly if you use them properly.  However there is also a danger to using these and it’s extremely common for people to end up getting their valuable accounts deleted.  Basically Instagram expects us to use our accounts individually and to build them organically so doesn’t like the use of these tools one little bit. So in order to do this you need to create multiple identities and to hide your location, which involves using fast private proxies.

Use Private Instagram Proxy for Promotion

Before you go any further, it’s important to realise that there’s no such thing as a free Instagram proxy.  Even if there was it would be madness to use it, as it would be a huge red flag to Instagram.  Remember it’s crucial to remember that Instagram, just like the other social media platforms wants everyone to have a single account linked to them personally. They also definitely don’t want to allow promotional tools being used to game their system either. So if you want to do this, you absolutely have to hide your identity when accessing these accounts.

The method most successful marketers use is to use private proxies in order to keep your identity private. A proxy server can be used to hide your true location, and allows you to create, manage and promote multiple Instagram accounts safely.

The proxy server merely sits between you and the Instagram servers. It can provide you with a different IP address and indeed each one can be a separate digital identity. When you access or manage your different Instagram accounts, switching proxies means that you can do so safely. In general, one proxy is good for managing two Instagram accounts, any more and you’re likely to get flagged. Indeed the most paranoid, with the biggest channels, will often leave that ratio as one to one just to be safe,

Using private proxies is how Instagram marketers are able to create, manage and promote multiple accounts. They are also essential to use the majority of promotional software too, which also rely on multiple identities to promote accounts.

Unfortunately just any free proxies that you find floating around on the internet won’t do. There are some important factors that you must consider when choosing proxies for Instagram – here’s a quick checklist.

  • Dedicated – Essential, the best Instagram proxies should be used by you alone.
  • Designed for Instagram – reserved and configured to work with Instagram (i.e. not blocked already!)
  • Residential Addresses – these are much safer to use than commercially registered IP addresses.
  • Speed – fast with low contention rate. Don’t overuse the proxies yourself or they’ll get banned.

Basically if you’re serious about building any sort of money making accounts on Instagram, decent proxies are essential.  If you cut corners with these, you’re likely to wake up one morning and find your Instagram accounts gone.  Basically if you don’t invest in private proxies for Instagram then you’re better choosing another platform.

There are quite a few companies who provide proxies for this purpose, but very few which cover all the above criteria.   The hardest part is to get them with residential IP addresses as they are extremely hard to source.  Having the right proxy server for Instagram is without doubt the key to success, all those who cut these corners inevitably fail.

Here’s our recommendation below, take advantage of the 48 hour trial where you can test first.




15 thoughts on “Choosing the Best Private Instagram Proxy

    1. You don’t have to use dedicated proxies, but if you don’t you’ll find they are all blocked from liking/following. You can also end up with your account being deleted. Instagram watches out for people using proxies and free ones will have hundreds of inbound connections from them. Any sort of Instagram promotional tool or mass liker/follower needs individual IP addresses. If you don’t use dedicated proxies (one per two instagram accounts at most) then you might as well not bother, it’s safer just using your own IP address (but that will get you blocked too).

  1. Do you have to use the same IP address each time you logon to an Instagram account? How would you manage this if the proxies rotate IP addresses?

    1. No you don’t have to go to this length. Just think how most ordinary Instagram users login to their accounts. The majority will use their mobile phones and the IP addresses of these will change frequently. Every wifi point at home, work, coffee shop or anywhere will assign their device a new IP address each time they connect. Instagram users will typically have loads of different IP addresses each time they connect. The trick is not to overuse a single IP address.

    1. To be honest I think for many tasks the days of commercial/datacentre proxies are numbered. Luminati have the largest range (geographically) of residential IP addresses but they are very expensive and I’m not a huge fan of their business model. Haven’t used Smartproxy for ages but don’t see many bad things about them. I like Storm Proxies for residential, primarily because they actually own the hardware that their IP addresses are on unlike most other providers (including Luminati).

      1. I have been using Luminati for quite some time, while the service is really decent – Smartproxy gave me pretty much the same results for the cheaper price. However, they are not as flexible and offers less additional effects, but those are not needed for me, so the cheaper price is cool. Thanks for the take on IG proxies.

  2. I have lots of problems with getting accounts blocked. I’ve been trying to restrict to using about 9 or 10 accounts to each proxy but still getting banned :-(( Any thoughts???

    1. That’s way too much now, maybe a year or so ago. Honestly Instagram is getting better and better at blocking duplicate accounts, although there’s an estimates there are over 7 million ‘ghost’ accounts active. You need to use ideally 1 proxy to one account, some suggest you can get away with 2-1 but I’m not so sure.

  3. Is it safe to use main accounts (that are used on the phone also) with residential proxies.

    All Datacenter proxies give me like blocks. And I have residential once from Smartproxies.
    But is that safe? The rotation every 5 minutes. And the fact that more people switch to residential proxies will lead to more instagram accounts logged in with every IP.

    Anyone here already using residential proxies on client accounts?

    1. Yep forget datacentre IPs. I agree rotating proxies won’t work too well with Instagram either. Your accounts are going to get flagged as your IP address geolocation will be bouncing all over the place.

      Also as you mentioned there’s no guarantee that they won’t get rotated out into another copy of Jarvee! Safest options are static dedicated (but expensive), or IPs specifically for Instagram.

      Not sure what plans Smartproxies offer at the moment, but Stormproxies have an Instagram plan that gives you private, dedicated proxies for $3-$2 per IP. You can test them for two hours first. Good luck!

    2. Hi Fabian,
      I never used residentials proxies , but the problem is that I’m managing 20 client accounts and during the last moth I used more than 250 GB , so the prices to buy those residential plans are really unaccesable for IG bot for my opinion. What do you think?

  4. Hi, I just want to create a few Instagram accounts and promote them manually. Do you know if I need private proxies or can I do without them??? Not quite sure what to do with them anyway !!! Thanks Noemi

    1. Hi Noemi, well at time of writing you can create and manage 5 accounts. So if you stay under that (and don’t use Bots or automated promotion) then you won’t need proxies. Be warned though it’s a pretty time consuming pastime without using software! Good luck.

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