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How do you find out if a proxy service is worth using?   Of course, the obvious way is to search around and try and find a private proxies trial package somewhere.  After all every proxy provider makes promises about bandwidth, speed and all sorts of components but without trying for yourself you’re not going to be certain.

However there is a problem with this, and it’s one that most proxy providers have experienced to some extent.   So take for an example a proxy provider who is utterly convinced about the quality of his proxy service everything from hardware to bandwidth is top notch.  You could imagine that offering some sort of free trial would be a great way of attracting customers.  After all genuine inquiries would see how good the service is and therefore invest in a paid proxy package. Unfortunately this is rarely the case, and the reason is why you’ll not find any extensive free trials in this market (at least not among the best providers).

Private Proxies Trial
Free Trial Proxies are Used by Spammers

So what is this issue, why is it so difficult to find  decent proxy trials?  Well the simple matter is because free trials offer lots of problems to businesses in general, but they’re even worse in the world of proxy provision.  At the core of these issues is the fact that people don’t generally value something they’ve got for free.   If you give them something for nothing, they’ll usually value it on a monetary basis.   Or to put it a slightly different way, people tend to value things that they pay for.

The internet is full of examples of products that do very badly when given free trials.  One of the most striking is informational guides and reports, even originally hugely expensive products distributed for free tend to get skimmed through or not read properly.

Yet you start charging a decent price and people will invest the time to justify the costs they’ve paid.   Computer software is another example, especially products with a high learning curve.  Experience shows that again people who receive the programs for nothing are much less likely to learn how to use it properly.

Why a Private Proxies Trial can Damage the Product

The main issue is that people don’t value anything that’s given to them for nothing and so they also won’t look after it.   The real value behind most proxies is not the hardware or technical configuration but the IP addresses. After all it’s pretty simple to replace the hardware or reinstall the proxy software, but those addresses are much more important.

Most proxy companies have found that if they offer free trials one of two things will happen regarding the IP addresses.  Either the user will not take care of these addresses, typically by doing something like using them in an aggressive manner in bots or other software.  The other situation is where the user has no intention of upgrading or paying for a proper proxy service but just wants to use the trial to spam or blast web properties.   Many people jump across these free trials, abusing the IP addresses as they have no intention of using them again.  For the proxy service provider suddenly that free trial become extremely expensive as IP addresses are blocked, banned and filtered.

It’s important to manage the use of these IP addresses if they are to maintain their values, and free trial people rarely do that.    For example one provider I know had a large range of IP addresses they’d reserved for using with Instagram both managing and promoting profiles.  Unfortunately a series of free trial providers completely abused these addresses by spamming their Instagram accounts.  The result was they were all blacklisted and blocked by Instagram and completely unusable for their primary purpose.   The free trial actually damaged the proxy providers business.

It’s unfortunately a common occurrence, most personal VPN and proxy security companies have stopped offering free trials for similar reasons.  The accounts will normally end up being abused to download torrents or upload copyrighted materials – the result lots of grief for the VPN companies when it’s traced back to the IP address.

In all these cases free trials usually end up affecting the company badly and also often fee paying customers too.

Look for a Short Trial or Money Back Guarantee

In reality if you’re looking for reliable proxies with usable IP addresses then companies will need to protect them and carefully manage their use.   The development of automated and rotating proxies like these has certainly helped this management.  They can at least directly control the concurrent use of their IP addresses and rotate them so there’s a fresh IP with every HTTP or connection request.  This is especially useful for protecting valuable resources like residential addresses or those reserved for specific platforms.

So if you’re looking to test out a companies proxy service you need to be realistic.  The better companies now strongly avoid using free trials of any sort in order to protect their networks.  Most though appreciate that people do want to at least confirm that they are suitable for intended use.

For example my favored proxy providers are Storm Proxies who do offer a variety of very short trials on their different products.   None are free although they all offer money back guarantees with a time depending on which proxies you are using.  The dedicated private proxies for instance have a short two hour trial, the residential ones have twenty four hours money back window and most of the others you can get a refund for up to 48 hours.  It’s not a long time but sufficient to ensure that the proxies are suitable for your needs and more importantly the guarantee is honored.



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